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  1. Opening Hours Fun Score: 7 out of 10 Best Time: 6 Days What I Don't Like: This has been addressed before, but I'll say it again; hordes take up a lot of processing. Especially when the character is loaded right next to one. If you don't have prior knowledge of the building, I'm sure surviving would be almost impossible. I would like a bit more time offered before the mall doors open so the entire mall can load up without the horde approaching in. Maybe like 2 - 4 hours? What I Like: This challenge is a great change of pace from the typical slow approach zomboid offers. Though it was difficult to survive through, it was a great challenge to push on with. This game option provided the highest replay ratio out of all the other challenges! (That's gotta say something here is done right!) How I Played: First few times was with a lumberjack and a hearty appetite. Though I chopped though a lot of zeds, I couldn't keep the back store doors safe. Eventually the small corridors behind the stores that I once knew as friends become death traps. I learned that safe rooms would be impossible unless I tried to build something on the roof. My next few lives would be an Engineer with a hearty appetite, slow reader, and dexterous. I figured I could try barricading my own fort on the roof, the mall clearly had plenty of supplies. In addition, I planned on stocking up on a bunch of homemade explosives in order to try and clear out some of the horde. The big problem that occurred was hordes would camp every exit I made from my roof base down to the mall, so I slowly went through my supplies, trying my best to clear a path for a loot run; but the risk was to great and I got bit. So I slowly died in a pantry, eating most of the food there to try and stave off my sickness. Winter Is Coming Fun Score: 6 out of 10 Best Time: 83 Days (still pending) What I Don't Like: Loot is extremely scares compared to the amount of zombies! I have a feeling that only one or two types of character builds will be able to do well in this challenge, this limits the opportunity for this option to have any replay value. I enjoyed the challenge, but wouldn't want to go through in again often. What I Like: This challenge allows the trapper, forager, and fisher builds a great opportunity to show their survivability. Most of the supplies the player will live off of would be through their skill rather then scavenging local buildings. How I Played: The first good build was a park ranger with slow reading, slow healer, cowardly, light eater, and outdoors-man. I figured I'd be living off the land mostly if I wanted any kind of chance of surviving through the winter. Perishables obviously eaten first, but most of the canned foods saved only for dire situations (Bad snow storms or when I was sick) The Muldraugh north warehouse was the initial base I planned to hide in. After 2 days of luring zeds away I could start trying to live in the place, but for the first two weeks it was hard to keep them out. But finally I patched up enough of the holes and cleared the horde to be able to get a lot of undisturbed nights. I still had plenty of canned food and hunted/foraged food but once the water stopped, I did a mad dash to refill all my water canisters, but the lack of loot on the map hampered the amount I could gather together. I'm depending on a single dew catcher at the moment, which isn't enough. So my priorities are to find more garbage bags! garbage bags! Other then my dire water supplies, the fort has been doing fine, besides the quickly depleting stock of nails. On a side note, is there any plans on allowing snow to be melted and consumed? Or is it already a feature in the game? (I would hate to die just because I'm thirty in a winter zombieland)
  2. That's a very hard question. I have the current favorite of Rim World, but I'll always go off and on with Minecraft and Dwarf Fortress for the same base building urges. But if we're talking about story line, Baldur's Gate for the PC. Though recently I really enjoyed the game ascetics of Stanley Parameter and Gone Home. Finally, Civility for its limb chopping and fun. What recent videogame disappointed you?
  3. So basically, you want them to be more like fellow players... Nah, managing a group with complex dialog just like players sounds more irritating than fun. I mean I want them to be for or against me, I do not want a complex catacomb of who shot the sheriff dialog to go about NPCs (sounds annoying and frustrating at best) maybe some changing sides and stuff happening, but nothing super annoying, leave that to multiplayer stuff. At the very least I want somebody to run the crops, that part of the game is the most needy boring part in my opinion. It has nothing to do with complex dialog and made up confusion. If you made your NPC buddy do the gardening, he would, but he'd ask for something to read because he'll be waiting around alot, maybe ask for a bottle of whiskey so he can drink while watching stuff grow. I am merely suggesting that NPCs would need things to in-order to live and not go suicidal
  4. I'm here, trying to convince the devs to put cats in PZ Does Footmuffin and Walther suck for not liking Primus? My name is Mud!
  5. Dogs are scavengers and omnivores by the way, and cats are carnivores and hunters. Just look at their teeth or anything about their dietary needs from the spca or such. wrong. Cats eat plants to keep their digestion regulated, wild dogs hunt in packs. You don't see cats hunt in packs so they have to go for small animals. I've had many different cats in my life and they all had different eating behaviors. But they ALL loved to eat grass and cooked carrots. Some of my cats would eat ANYTHING and others would only eat the hard food.
  6. A real world scenario? Do you actually take yourself seriously?
  7. This is quite a fallacy I'm sorry to say. Cat's are very trainable, but require a different approach to dogs and aren't actually easy to train and aren't as obedient. I had two cats when I was younger and I trained the other one to fetch a ball and other to jump obstacles and both would follow me by calling and sit/lay down by command. When I get my next one I'm definitely going to see how far I can train it. This isn't something everyone knows how to approach though, so shouldn't be necessarily implemented because of that. Although I'd love to see an animal training mod some day! Also @Typha, cats don't hiss when they see prey. They are very quiet indeed. They rather creep up as close as possible without noise and jump on the target. Cats usually hiss when they are threatened and/or cornered. Also when a cat senses danger it hides. Iirc Max Brooks' zombie survival guide says that animals somehow do sense that zombies are not edible, but don't react to them any differently than any other animals or beings. If they feel threatened they respond correctly. A regular cat isn't really useful other than as a companion and rodent repellent/retriever, but I'd like to have one anyway in my zombie game. I agree completely with your statement, it is a falacy that cats can't be trained. Also perhaps the cat lowers its tail down when a zombie is near? I amit I was only thinking gamy when it came to cats hissing at zombies, because you are right, they stalk their prey and wouldn't make noise
  8. i guess it all comes down to the zombie lore. If its an infection, usually it either effects one species or effects every entire carbon object. Only becoming a zombie by a bite would mean the infection is a virus and can't live outside a host. If you can catch the infection from just touching infected objects then its probably a bacteria and has the opportunity to grow and expand into other other creatures. The word Zombie comes from the witch doctors of the Caribbean. If you did something bad, the witch doctor would put you under a Zombified trance and you would be forced to work out in the farms. If we want to go by the Undead lore of Zombies, then that might include just humans and animals. Maybe like Night of the Living Dead, or how about a game where the zombies don't die, every part you chop off still has the desire to munch on your brains like in Return of the Living Dead Zombies have feelings too
  9. Typha

    The Garden State

    That's stupid, why should I dedicate my time to a large map like this without first knowing if people will actually want it. Or when I'm finished, someone already making a map similar to mine. If you would like to see more maps that are based off video games and fantasy worlds, then fine delete my empty thread. But if you understand that creating a representational map like the one in PZ that resembles the real world takes ALOT of time and planning, then please be kind enough to let my tread stay so i can gradually implement images of the map. The modding community seems to be very scairce in PZ and if this is how you treat new developments, no wonder why there are so few projects being started.
  10. If animals are infected then what stops plants, water, and soil to be contaminated by this virus? Logically it either effects a species or it effects all carbon objects
  11. sleeping would give a reason for having a secured base, rather then being a marauder. Honestly, I would say they should do it like Rust. The admins could choose to have player characters fall asleep after they log out or the characters would go invisible after they log out. If you play minecraft multiplayer, most of the time not everyone will agree to fall asleep, so you end up doing things in the middle of the night within your base. Why should realism be taken away just to make the game easier?
  12. your missing the point. All animals, like all humans act differently. But because this is a game and it tries to cater to realism, I went for the biological eating habits of the feline and the canine species. Naturally they would hiss or bark at something they would associate as food. Wild dogs are said to still hunt live game. But wild cats usually don't have the luxury of being around small rodents, so they are mostly scavengers, eating dead animals. If you don't believe a cat can live off a carcass of a human, then you've never heard of any cat ladies (the crazy, hundred cat owner ones)
  13. So you want the game to be easier on you. I think that's the reason why people want NPCs now and don't want mutiplayer. NPCs shouldn't be some dude you save, so now he endlessly grows your crops. The game is designed for you to die, maybe by an hungry zombie, or maybe a thirsty survivor, or how about a crazed maniac. Allowing a NPC oaf to go fight and pickup stuff for you without second thought is illogical. Why should another survivor risk his life so that you can have a little more to carry and a 2nd bat to swing. Shouldn't they ask for things in return like, you know humanly things that people need to survive on? Don't you think survivors are unrecognizable at first glance to savage bandits? Anyone walking would seem like a threat, NPCs might shoot first if you don't shout.
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