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  1. nickofwar

    bought a pz server from fragnet

    looking how to give myself admin so i can actually do shit n stuff y'know ._.
  2. nickofwar

    Looking for an online server!

    most of the servers right now won't work
  3. nickofwar

    Ban The User Above You

    banned for banning the person who did not start the thread. banned 4 beng stpid omg lol 1337 no3cope
  4. nickofwar


    I wanna join, pls pm me when your finished with the details Steam Name: President Badass
  5. nickofwar

    Rp server

    Would be a awesome idea, looking out for you connall. Would be epic if you made a server like that, I love roleplay.
  6. nickofwar

    Bruce Lee Vs. Project Zomboid

    oh lol XD yeh. I gotta have a mod like that. Modders, idea here. Make a bruce lee mod
  7. Check out the video I uploaded, as I did a random character named bruce lee and gave him all the positive traits, along with beating the shit outta zombies with his fists! Hell yeah.