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  1. scratches causing infections is fairly common in zompoc novels ,less of a chance than being bitten but still there.
  2. Darius359au

    Released: Vehicle Tech Test build

    1 - I've had the rain through the roof issue as well ,I was in one of the trailer parks and the rain came though the roof on all of them! 2 - gotten stuck in the walking animation , no matter what their doing their always walking - had to opt out then back into the vehicle test to fix that one.
  3. Darius359au

    United States Military Pack

    Now I know why I haven't been able to see the freezers in fridges ,I uninstalled the mod and yep freezers were showing up - it's a pity because I use this mod all the time. I tested it both with IWBUMS and the latest release version with the same effect.
  4. Darius359au

    ORMtnMan's Real Guns Mod 1.242 [32.30]

    It 'works fine in the latest update ,just need to reistall the jab modeloader for the latest version! @unseenhunter615 have you tried turning off all your mods except for ORGM? could be a mod conflict ,also have you tried waiting a second or so while aiming before shooting ,way the system works is you need to right click and pause to aim now for the most accurate shot. Edit - Ok ModelLoader is'nt working in the latest version so I just discoverd when I tried to play ,ORGM's fine just invisible weapons till the modelloader catches up.
  5. Darius359au

    ORMtnMan's Real Guns Mod 1.242 [32.30]

    @King Raptor here you go http://undeniable.info/pz/SilencerMod.php Link to the ORGM version is at the bottom
  6. Darius359au

    ORMtnMan's Real Guns Mod 1.242 [32.30]

    @King Raptor there's an ORGM version in the steam workshop ,just dont have both selected at the same time because there's issues ,(well there was for me.).
  7. Darius359au

    ORMtnMan's Real Guns Mod 1.242 [32.30]

    You dont actually see the red dot on the red dot sight ,thats just the description for the type of sight ,you get bonus's to hit at different ranges with the different type of sights - red dot and reflex for closer ranges and faster target acquisition and the others for longer range ,also when you hold the right button to aim wait a couple of seconds before firing for max benefit.
  8. Darius359au

    7 Days to Die going console.

    I backed 7DTD on Kickstarter but haven't bothered with it for ages now ,not happy with the way things have gone in the game ,it used to look good and run quite well on my system (3.0ghz I5 GTX970 video card),but then they started playing around with it and it turned into an unoptimized mess! ,might reinstall an another couple of months and see if there's been any improvment but at the moment no thanks.
  9. Darius359au

    Miliary Bags Mod 0.9.0

    It does for me.