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  1. Num47

    Marijuana mod: Cultivate it yourself!

    Mod looks awesome bud, going to give it a try now. Congrats
  2. Num47

    Mod's running on sever? bad for not looking properly *facepalm*, I was just wondering because I noticed that when I hosted a server it said it had loaded a mod in the batch window, but thanks again.
  3. Num47

    Mod's running on sever?

    Just wondering could it be possible to load any mods on a server. Thanks
  4. check out i got some cool mods of there and a few of them have exaclty what your looking for.
  5. Num47

    Freezer Box

    I'm just requesting a mods that would make my day, which is a freezer box.I havn't tried modding on this yet so I am unable to make one, If anyone could it would be much appreciated.
  6. Num47

    Hosting PvE Server

    Join my "Num47's PZ<PvE>SERVER" public group on steam, jump into chat and i'll pass you the i.p.