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  1. Aparently there is a picture limit so here is the stuff that wold not fit. Also do people want me to release it for last stand or should I add to it and make a town whit this near it? Closer look at the layout from the sky. Beter look at the food cort. Added a playground for the kids. Finily figured how to put graffity on walls. Tne new empty snack thing Better fronts on the open snack building.
  2. If you are talking about the place holder projector it is made of random things piled on top of other stuff to sort of look like a projector. I have yet to try to make a projector tile thing, need to finish the map first.
  3. I have acomplished some stuff so i am going to up date the original post with the new pictures. Had to alter some things to make them work more realistically in the drive in. If anyone can think of anything I am missing tell me.
  4. Could some one tell me how many tiles a large car, truck or van is gonig to be. I need length and width for the map i am making.
  5. I have been working on this to learn how to use the editor, so later I can make a town or some thing. I finaly Finished all of it made the buildings look as good as posible and finished the landscaping made it look as relistic as posible. I spent a few hours making the buildings for a drive in theater. When finished this is going to be for last stand mode. Added interior pictures. screens projector buildings had to ad some more to make it more realistic. Biggest projector room Medium projector Small Projector Snack bars the white one is empty Spiffo's at the drive in The ticket booth both sides are the same. Bathroom because you may crap your pants during the move A picture of the entrance. I changed it sort of. Added two secret locations on the map one is really obvious the other is sort of hard to find. Here is a place holder for the projectors, need to get a beter one later. This wont be as good as other maps that are comming out, but hopefully some people will like it. Things that I still need to do. figure out how to make tiles so i can make the projectors and the sign at the entrance
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