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  1. I think they're saying that there's still fake dead zombies, but they were moving around due to the meta game sounds so they weren't faking being dead very well.
  2. I think this is great, just from the storytelling aspect. I'm going to like reading all these survival stories, as they're far more epic with more zombies to contend with.
  3. The zombies are kind of numerous, but it's not a hard thing to deal with if you're slow and cautious. That said, I can see how the numbers would be jarring to people who don't have 100+ hours on the game or are used to a more "run-and-gun" style of play that was possible with lower zombie numbers.
  4. I'd maintain your skepticism. I think a lot of players have based how they feel NPCs are going to work on their expectations, but no one really knows how they're going to work as they expect, or if difficulty concerns will result in balancing adjustments, and so on. Besides that, there's no ETA for them, and I think that anticipation is fueling a lot of the "magic bullet" sensationalism over NPCs. It's best to just wait to see what TIS does down the line. I think they're doing a good job fixing problems as they arise without the need for NPCs as a cure-all.
  5. Then perhaps the sense of struggle needs to come in other ways, rather than arguing about difficulty of sustaining yourself with food at the expense of gameplay. I don't have a problem with difficulty, and I don't have a problem with dying. But when it feels as though you're being pushed in one direction (level Carpentry, or else; level farming, or else), this -also- takes away my enjoyment.
  6. If the popular answer to killing people before they reach end game is make Winter the unbreakable wall for anyone who isn't farming and/or canning their food, I can't see the logic or enjoyment. This is turning into water collection requiring Carpentry: one solution, no alternatives.
  7. Fishing is possible in winter, though. And I don't think they're aiming for a total lack of realism for the sake of difficulty, just semi-lack of realism.
  8. I was reading through a topic in General Discussion and it got me thinking about how some players seem to dislike the pure rogue-like nature of the game, and how they want to have something to work towards. Is there the possibility for some sort of bonuses within the same world if you start a new character there after you die to give progression-minded players something to strive for? As it goes currently, if you die in the world and start a new character in the same world, that character is a blank slate as though they've been completely unaffected by the world. It's like every new characte
  9. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_generic_and_genericized_trademarks When in doubt.
  10. I've seen a few people complain about that with Axe and Spiked Baseball Bat. I'm wondering if maybe any damage in excess (since it always seems to be with high damage weapons) of the zombie's health is still being counted towards exhaustion. So overkill might be making you more tired.
  11. That's because their moans also now attract other zombies to create hordes in the world naturally.
  12. They're not actually from beyond your sight radius. Your sight radius goes farther than the default zoom area around your character. They got a buff to where if your character could see them, they can see you (if they're faced the right way, anyway).
  13. I reported this in General Discussion on the tactics thread. Zombies lose memory of you real quick sometimes, and I have no idea why. I can only imagine it might be a side effect of that zombie moans attract other zombies thing.
  14. Yes, there are. They look like white grapes.
  15. It'd be nice. I never use candles for light, so that'd be a neat use for them.
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