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    Driving Cars Mod

    Wow, this is some next level modding! Bikes would be fantastic if you're up for it.
  2. Burianu


    I personally vote for the former. I want the "late-game" in this game to be technically possible, but very hard to reach/sustain so that you always have a goal in mind.
  3. Burianu


    No, sadly. Provided you pick a safehouse on the outskirts of town and have a good enough carpentry skill, lategame is still pretty safe. I don't mean in the middle of the woods either - just pick the very corner house of the suburbs and you're extremely unlikely to encounter a colossal horde (unless you head into town for supplies but the whole point of late game is that you've eliminated that need - you've got a farm/fishing hole and your rain collection/river water set up so why would you need to? It's frustrating cos I thought it was fixed too. Of course the way to "unfix" it is to not live in one of those places - set yourself the challenge of surviving in downtown or, heck, even the *middle* of the suburbs and the game is suddenly hella difficult. Sort of sucks that you have to pick an unsafe safehouse to ensure the game stays fun though. Bottom line then - they need to nerf farming. Seriously. Obviously it should still be viable as a way to get food in the late game, and of course when you have a colony, but in its current state it is too easy and quick to start up a farm that gives you all the food you need.
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    Stuff to do in the winter

    Yeah, I like the idea of physical training. It complements the book-learning already present, and can have the trade-off of physical exhaustion. By the way, does anyone else feel that even after the endurance/exhaustion changes that it still needs to be reworked to be more punishing?
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    Latest Mondoid on "tripping"

    The randomness you are describing doesn't apply to the player which is why it is irrelevant. Zombie spawning randomly, random loot spawn etc. Don't take control from the player, you as a character can still react to the situation however you want. Tripping is randomness that happens to you, takes control from you, and you have no choice about it. 1. Not hardcore. Challenging. And if you frequently fall on your ass when you are running then sure, it does enhance immersion. But I want to point out hardcore is for people that want to push the difficult to the limits while making the game challenging or hard isn't. Right now Zombies tend to not be a threat, and most people end games by going on a rampage to kill themselves or starting a new game. Tripping doesn't fix this, it just covers it, and opens more wounds with it. 2. No one said underpowered, but I can see how it might be implied, the panic moodle is just dumb in its current state, it needs more done to it. As I said, Reduced healing, louder character, takes a little longer to eat, move items etc. This is fitting to someone with an adrenaline rush, or on edge from being chased, that both adds gameplay and immersion, without taking control away from your character. 3. I don't think anyone swings a bat in a way that send them down if they somehow miss, I do think slower swing speed should be a thing for people not adept at melee. Since it would be natural for someone who doesn't use a bat or anything similar to not be as good at swinging things fast. "My character is louder and I have no control over it! Devs please remove this it's terrible game design!". In the end, my reaction to tripping will depend on how it's implemented. If you're sprinting through the forest at night in the rain with no shoes while panicked, you can guarantee you're going to trip and stumble. If they're going to make it obnoxious obviously it is bad game design. "Removing control" is just not necessarily how it has to work, so stop creating this strawman, please. It can still give you the option of avoiding precarious situations like the one I just described that would make tripping a threat. Are there other, perhaps more pressing, things that should be done to improve the difficulty? Absolutely - and I'm sure they're working on those as well. This is just one more thing that we can be prepared for in our struggle. To reiterate, it doesn't have to be implemented in such a "no counterplay RNG" fashion, so arguing against that implementation is pointless.
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    Blender 3D Scripts

    Well I've found my new profile image...
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    Sprinting zombies; lag issues.

    Server specs: dual proc, dual core xeon 3.2ghz, 12gb ram, 1.3 tb memory When the zombies are shamblers it works perfectly fine, but the instant I switch to sprinters the server lags horrendously and the game is unplayable. Top shows minimal memory usage, so I'm pretty sure it's not server-side. Any help? Is the game simply not capable of doing sprinters on a server as of yet?
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    Leveling Carpentry seems crazy

    If you don't have the necessary traits, it should be very hard to learn skills. Learning is a slow process.
  9. Burianu

    Multiplayer sleep, how should it work?

    That would be so boring and broken. If a day Last 1h a sleep would be from 20-30 mins. Having 33%-50% of playing time as sleeping is just wrong If a day is 30 mins, sleep for 8 hrs would be 10 minutes. I personally wouldn't mind given that it's steam and I can use the overlay to browse the web or something - again, I know I'm in the minority and that many find that to be bad game design. However, if they created a seriously detailed character development system with traits and skills and all sorts of stuff like that, and you spent the time sleeping speccing your character or something, I think they could fill that time with something meaningful without being silly like minigames and the like.
  10. Burianu

    Multiplayer sleep, how should it work?

    I know I'm probably in the minority here, so I wouldn't expect it to be the default, but I would really like a multiplayer server option that enabled sleep just as it is - with no fast forwarding.
  11. Depression more commonly inflicts hypersomnia rather than insomnia. Fine, whatever. That then. Not my point. The point is - and I've argued in the past at great lengths with other members and mods alike - there is no way there is ever going to be anything that will take control out of the players hands like spontaneous suicide. I argued thinking it should be in the game and they shot me down time and time again. I think what I described is pretty much all there should be.
  12. Depression should just make it harder to sleep and, when NPCS are added, negative social effects. If it did anything else it would either be misrepresenting depression or taking control from the player (god forbid that happened!). Lack of sleep alone should have enough negative effects to make depression worth avoiding in my opinion.
  13. Depression should just make it harder to sleep and, when NPCS are added, negative social effects. If it did anything else it would either be misrepresenting depression or taking control from the player (god forbid that happened!). Lack of sleep alone should have enough negative effects to make depression worth avoiding in my opinion.
  14. Burianu

    Blender 3D Scripts

    Awesome work, Jab! Can't wait to see what the community does with this!
  15. Burianu

    Feedback on the new Trait System

    I really think a point cost raise would solve most of the issues (since your accuracy is gonna be complete junk if your comboing it). Making it cost somewhere between 10~12 points would make you think more about it (Since right now you effectively trade Accuracy for movement speed, but at the moment your also getting up to 4 bonus points). A point cost increase would certainly act as a disincentive to combo it; I just think it's a pretty silly combo to begin with. If the devs designed the trait with that combo trade-off in mind, then yeah that works.
  16. Burianu

    Feedback on the new Trait System

    In terms of balancing out the trait gameplay wise - how about adrenaline junkie gives a speed boost when you are near/see X number of zombies? That way trait-related panic has no effect, only real, immediate threats.
  17. Burianu

    Feedback on the new Trait System

    Yeah, that.
  18. Burianu

    Feedback on the new Trait System

    Probably needs a higher cost to it. Right now it costs 6, and you can take up to 10 free points of panic related negatives. Should probably be raised to a cost of 10. I'm not arguing one way or another for point cost, I'm talking more about what I see as a flaw in the design of the trait altogether - that is that panicked people should all get some kind of speed boost. An adrenaline junkie is someone who enjoys the adrenaline rush, not someone who can make better use of it somehow. At least that's how I see it, I don't know.
  19. Burianu

    Feedback on the new Trait System

    I think adrenaline junkie should just make you less depressed when you're panicked or something. Everyone should run faster/run longer when panicked, but only some enjoy the adrenaline rush. The adrenaline junkie / fear trait combo wouldn't be as big of a deal if it only affected depression or non-physical attributes.
  20. I'm so sick of having to manually remove then reapply the clean bandages. Even if you have to make the timed action longer, it would be much more enjoyable if these were options from the health menu.
  21. But he explained why in the first post. To get away from the tediousness.I can really see why it is annoying, but still I agree with most here. I don't think it's annoying enough to warrant even the slight immersion drop for me. Plus as Rath said we're going to get a UI overhaul so let's just wait until that rolls in. Sounds reasonable. I'm glad someone at least acknowledged how it could be seen as tedious.
  22. I'm not suggesting they remove the option of manually treating each wound.
  23. I don't follow that logic. Why would being given the option of just rebandaging all mean any of that? All it would mean is that you would be unnecessarily disinfecting already disinfected wounds, thereby wasting disinfectant. The game already tells you when to rebandage, so you don't have to keep track of that. I don't understand how it would take care of knowing these things for you. It doesn't provide any information.
  24. Oh come on man, you didn't even respond to my point :'( That is, it serves the exact same function as the loot all function for the inventory. Don't get me wrong, I love the new health system. Absolutely love wound management, but the UI is clunky and frustrating, and I don't understand how a bandage all function would in any way "remove some semblance of realism."
  25. But why... the whole idea is that the timed action emulates you actually doing the bandaging. The tedious right clicking and left clicking... what's the point? See: loot all option in inventory... It would still take the same amount of ingame time to bandage, but you don't have to struggle with the ui.