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  1. Mit ein paar Sachen bin ich nicht ganz einverstanden. Daher mal meine Interpretation der Dinge. UI_optionscreen_lighting = "Beleuchtungsqualität", UI_trait_lucky = "Glückspilz", UI_trait_luckydesc = "Manchmal ist das Glück auf deiner Seite", UI_trait_unlucky = "Pechvogel", UI_trait_unluckydesc = "Was schiefgehen kann, geht häufig schief.", UI_Loading = "Lädt", DisplayNameDuct_Tape = "Panzerband", DisplayNameTwine = "Garn", DisplayNameScotch_tape = "Klebeband", // da Tesafilm geschützt ist DisplayNameDigital_Watch = "Digitaluhr", Ich bbin bei weitem kein professioneller Übersetzer oder native speaker. Ich finde nur, dass diese Übersetzung nicht so ruppig klingt.
  2. Well. not that long actually. I had to come up with some ideas how the living area could look like but i think it took me 2 hours. Then i decorated the whole thing only to notice i forgot to build a door in the tower that leads to the living quarters. So I had to redecorate the whole thing again. I personally would love to see this in a map and live there.
  3. No. I meant: When you put your drawn map into WorldEd and then BMP to TMX it should show the trees. I haven't fiddled around with map making, so everything is a guess
  4. You can placce those crates using TileZed. I'm pretty sure the trees, grass and such are generated upon building the map using the tile colors given in the .png.
  5. I have no idea. But my guess is: Trees are either planted in TileZed anyway or while designing the map. Could you link the video? I am interested now
  6. To make buildings appear in TileZed: Edit -> Preferences -> Zomboid and add your *.pzw This should make your placed buildings visible. Can't help you with your other question i'm afraid
  7. Free for all This mod can be added to and extended by the whole community. Crediting the original author would be lovely, but isn't necessary. (Then again, this community values loveliness above all else.) Piece by piece I am going to shift my WIP buildings into this thread for everyone free to use. Have fun with is Uploaded the .tbx files for you. ArmA style fire station: Spoiler Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/uw4q2aa1ewpzsqn/arma_2_fire_station.tbx Small wooden house: Spoiler https://www.dropbox.com/s/3lq57ryzypdmvcu/small_house.tbx
  8. Why thank you! I'm still learning how the tools work. But as you can see I'm getting better compared to my first house So we'll see what I can do in the future.
  9. But, but...Chernarus+ has all those enterable houses now! Also in my defense: I thought about it but since PZ is more survivial then infantry and vehicle based warfare, you need enterable houses to hide in.
  10. I love the editor! Added a pretty neat firestation and a small wooden house.
  11. Well, since the building editor is really easy to use I made two more ArmA style firestation: Spoiler Small wooden house: Spoiler The firestation is mostly complete. Maybe i need to add some decoration, but for now I think it looks pretty good.
  12. Updated the house design and included the download link. state: as shown in the pictures.
  13. I thought about making the south east bit of the house into some sort of balkony thingy, too. True, the front looks a little bit boring. I will work on that, thanks. The rooms aren't finished yet. But I wanted to put something up In fact, the house needs some work, too.
  14. Free for all This mod can be added to and extended by the whole community. Crediting the original author would be lovely, but isn't necessary. (Then again, this community values loveliness above all else.) The finished buildings and downloads can be found here: Veged's finished buildings thread Hi guys, since the tools have been released i was thinking the game could need some more houses. So I decided to build some for the Mapping people out there This is my first attempt and it's based losely on the house I grew up in. It's not finished yet, since i am trying to get the hang of it, but maybe you want to give your opinions on the design. Also there is going to be a second entrance from the future backyard. I keep this thread updated and eventually post the download links here. So, yeah. That's about it for now. Tell me what you think. Bye Veged's kinda really big house: Spoiler ArmA style fire station: Spoiler Small wooden house: Spoiler Updates #17.01.2014 Added a neat small house Added an ArmA 2 style fire station Kinda getting used to the editor #16.01.2014 Changed the house design slightly to make it not so blocky Added some light sources and interiors. Changed some wall and floor textures as well as the roofs
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