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  1. how does one actually move a corpse in game?
  2. figured it out lol. Love the map, nice and big. Just started taking over the resident evil mansion. But found the fence incomplete around its borders. some fence parts are missing to the left of the mansion hidden behind the office block left. just point that out. not sure if it deliberate or just missing. loving the map so far. i can seriously see the entire map filled with tons of buildings. but is their a hospital yet??
  3. call me dumb but i cant find a file listed install folder in PZ i have looked on the user direction and in steam apps direction but nothing. any takes??
  4. Sheets are heavy when folded up in to stacks. Its like saying why is paper so heavy?. I made a ghillie suit once before i joined up, i was 12 at the time. I picked up a full size green army netting from a army surplus store. It was 6 feet by 4 feet. The holes in the netting was about an inch in size and the net was made from thick dark green cording. From that i cut up brown, black and green old t-shirts, with a mix of shades in to strips about a 6inch to 10inches in length. Then began knotting the strips on the netting.. I got thick climbing cord and threaded the cord through the center across the 4 feet length. Then a second towards one end as thats for wrapping aroundy neck area so can be tied off like a cloak with hood. Then i had the old british H webbing complete with kidney pouches and mag pouches.. I tied the entire net to my webbing straps and so when i put on my webbing. The entire ghillie suit would hang down around me with a hooded bit. And from that was my suit. I would break branches and other local foliage and add to the suit when needed to help brake up the human shape of the ghillie suit. It worked for me, when i was in the army cadets.before i grew up to join up.
  5. If your laptop is over heating then how about a cooling tablet, or tray.
  6. Build a bridge north towards the rest of town. And land on the roof. Then build around the town. Hahaha. For me i completely isolated westpoint town centre. Then moved to the other town and took over the large hotel in the main strip.
  7. For me i would like to see snow, so i can see foot prints for tracking and knowing if a horde has passed through. Also sliding on ice would be cool. Or travelling over a frozen lake. With a heavy horde following
  8. Yes you can hit a target at close range with two guns but a zombie only needs 1 head shot witha bullet. Better to use one gun with a exended mag clip and conserve ammo. Popping one at a time
  9. Human is top heavy. Walk.way railing and fencing has to be a set height for safety reasons due to the human body being top heavy. If a zombie comes up to a fence lets say waist height the it would not climb over it but reaching for you with its arms and leaning forward would fall over it. Due to its single minded side. Zombies think straight lines for the most part. Will walk through fire walk in.to and then navigate around a object like water flowing around it. I worked with a special needs child who was veru very single minded visually. If he saw something he wanted he would travel towards it in a very straight line. With tunnel vision. Stumbling over anything. Walking in to lets see a car and then once stopped, try and walk through the car. He could not grasp the concept of navigation unless the car was parked at an angle so he would slide along the car length until he was all the closer to the object he wanted. Like water. Path of least resistance. He would fall over a fence because he would not see the fence, if it was waist height. Push through or try to push through a 6foot chain fence like mincing machine. Walking in to a wall then pressing against it left or right until he found a hole (door or window) Now thats what a zombie should be like As for climbing then yes a ladder would be navigated but not easily.
  10. If you clear out a huge area then having ferral dogs and birds eating at the bodies or attracted by the free food lying around would draw in animals.
  11. Lets just skip all this and add a mini gatling gun. NOT!!!! I say no too. It would be lile.watch a resident evil game. Or watching a little lara croft character. To dual wield anything takes a hell of a lot of skill. Because we normally grow up focusing on a left or right. Its very rare to have skills in both unless its a natural skill. My brother can write in both his left and right hands but not at the same time. Now firing two pistols takes skill. But even then individually aiming down each site in turn. Like.if your firing them in two different directions in turn. Tried it once with 45's hard. I use nunchucks and to dual wield i had to train with my off hand first because my brain could not focus in doing 2 seperate movements unless they are in rythm. Trying to strike.forward with the left while reverse gripping the right is very very hard. But doing them in turn is easier. So i say NO as we are not super heroes.
  12. Place holder. In time it will be added. I am hoping for me interesting building options.
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