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  1. is this mod dead? i loved using this mod months ago!
  2. the links to the mods are dead. can someone that already downloaded the mods reupload them? i really want the RMLockpickingMod and RMUnpackBags
  3. yes it was. he updated it to remove the debug!
  4. i can't get any throwing stuff to work in Recycle Mod.
  5. The Recycle mod is missing textures. Only shows ? . If you can, i would love to see Play With It mod by kinyoshi, Natural Clock Mod by Thuztor, and Professional Professions mod by Japer updated for build 25!! EDIT: Ok the Textures looks like its working now.
  6. how long will it be til its back up? EDIT: nevermind, its up!
  7. did it went down again? EDIT: maybe it did. the admin said it will be re-setted tonight.
  8. would love to try this, but i never role-played before.
  9. cant wait to get back on! i also got a base but i too want fresh food. i just wish i could pick my stuff up before the reset. EDIT: Same. still wont let me connect either
  10. yesterday i could connect. today i can't. just stays on connecting EDIT: it does say that ID_CONNECTION_REQUEST_ACCEPTED in the other window but it wont connect at all.
  11. i can't connect. stays on connecting
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