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  1. Nevermind, I just found out I can equip them on my back. But it would be cool to equip them on the sides too.
  2. I guess more of an oversight than a bug. It would be nice to be able to equip them on the belt.
  3. In the Last Stand gamemode, a M9 pistol spawns in the house, but does not have a magazine so you cannot use it.
  4. Though when I exited my game and rejoined, it immediately worked. The HUD was back. Zombies immediately broke my window and started eating me. I could go to another seat and exit the car but it was too late.
  5. I just started a new game at the mall ( the only mod I use is FreeSpawn ) and I went outside and got in a car. The HUD at the bottom was gone, ie, couldn't tell how much gas was in the car, etc. The V menu worked, somewhat. I could turn on the headlights, heater, etc. But I could not switch seats. Zombies were crowding around my car for hours, and I could not switch seats or get out of the car no matter what I did. I just was stuck there.
  6. So do you mean like move the objects in kind of like a box around the window tile?
  7. I wouldn't really call it a bug, more of a minor oversight. I picked up and moved a refrigerator in front of a window thinking I'd use it as a makeshift barricade overnight. I was still able to climb through the window both ways.
  8. Hi. Love the new IWBUMS update. The only bug I have encountered so far, is after picking up a 'JS200 Shotgun' I unloaded the 3 shells that came in it by racking the weapon. I then tried to reload it, both by right clicking the weapon, clicking "load 3 shells into the weapon," and pressing R. Every time I do it, my character does the animation as if he's loading one shell into it, and then stops. A red box with a number shows up in the bottom right (I assume to be an error box) and the number grows by 1 every time I attempt to load the weapon.
  9. How do you get regular scrap? Not electronic.
  10. I deleted the local content and reinstalled it and it still doesn't work. :/
  11. I can't join any servers since the stable release. I've reinstalled my game and tried to join my friend's server and other servers. It says that my game files are different and the game exits. What can I do?
  12. jimpetey

    Start Server Over?

    Is there a way I can start my server over? But keep the current world saved somewhere else so I can use it at a later time? Like, if the people I play with on one world are gone, and I want to play with a new group of people, I can start a new world. But when the others come back I can load up my old one. How would I do this?
  13. I think fractures in multiplayer should heal quicker than they do now. In single player, you can speed up time and sleep. In multiplayer, you have to sit in a corner, alone, for hours to heal. I think they should take less time to heal. Maybe a day or two? I know it might be unrealistic, but for the sake of sanity, it'd be great if they could heal just a little faster.
  14. Yes, really. Sorry, but I'm new to modding games and I don't know my way around. Sorry for starting somewhere. Thanks anyway...
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