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  1. Small update here to other who may have/had problem like me with locating PZ steam mod folder(s) when using workshop. First post is incorrect in my case with steam PZ install. Mods are installed under C:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\workshop\content\108600 and there are mods each in it own numerical folder located in it in subfolder " \mod". Like C:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\workshop\content\108600\498441420\mods\Hydrocraft etc. When mods get installed enywhere but not in main game Mod or main user folder ^^
  2. Hrv123

    Hydrocraft Mod

    The wooden crate that you can make and drop on the ground is different from the crates you see that are placed on the ground like walls, or chairs etc. To make the placeable wooden crate that can be stacked, have hammer, nails and planks in your inventory, then right click on the ground near you where you would like to place the crate. When the menu pops up, there is the option "walk to" and "Build" the build menu is where you want to find "Wooden crate" Once you build one, you can do the same action to build another, but press the "R" key, and it changes the height of the crate, so it allows you to place it on top of other crates. Thak you you save my life and stop me in making hundreds of useless wooden crates!
  3. Hrv123

    Hydrocraft Mod

    This most likelly stupid question asked at wrong place but, once you make a wooden crate, how to place it to be usable as storage furniture in hydrocraft, and to be able to stack three of such one over another? All I got is wooden crate 10 capacity, 10 reduction or like, and is small and can only be droped on floor, cant place it with furniture place order. Didnt play PZ for some time and I dont dare to remove it for vanila testing (crate making) to not mess my save or something but can we still make those large crates for item chaos control :/ ?
  4. Some of people interesting in game cant get time to play seriously on MP server. I did play a bit and it was a blast, way fun, crazy and it helps if your paranoid, to survive when dealing with other real people part. Unfortunatlly now if my wife see me playing computer game I get at first that look, then later that talk, so we/I are stuck in single play and waiting arival of all mighty NPC for having fun in 02 in the morning.
  5. Is this server/group active? Wont to join but can find teamspeak server (mp noob alert) hmmmm
  6. After further thinking addition to hawk... also Bees. You can get from them: honey as food. propolis (needs alcohol tincture to be usable), bee natural antibiotic for enything medicine related. wax for candles Logistics and sedimentary way of life are almost must. But in theory bees can fly out from fortified positions by them selfes for pollen colecting and fly back. Third yeast (ok it kind of come from anywhere around by itself) for alcohol and vinager production also must for food preservation and happines in those loong alone nights. Require still device. In any case, animals that do most of work for you and are not dependent on your work for their food giving you more efficient labor. And in spark of enlightment come to me it would be most handy to have human slaves for work and entertainment (food too )
  7. Hawk, to do hunting of small game for me while I chop trees and cook
  8. Pancakes always! But not that poof baloony ones but real ones like this. making and terminating them almost every day
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