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  1. I haven't been actively modding the game for quite some time now and with all the changes the game has undergone since the release of the mod it would probably need to be rewritten from scratch. So I'm afraid I won't update it in the near future. But of course if somebody wants to pick up the development of this mod they are free to do so.
  2. Past me probably meant "Soon" in dragon years... maybe.
  3. In one of my old mods it was a feature though there were some engine limitations back then which caused the gameworld to stop updating while you were passed out. So zombies didn't attack your character while he was asleep. Personally I'd love to see this in the current game.
  4. RoboMat

    New UI window

    require('ISUI/ISPanel'); require('ISUI/ISRichTextPanel'); require('ISUI/ISCollapsableWindow'); UIStoryPanel = {}; function UIStoryPanel.new(title, text) title = title or 'test' text = text or 'Bacon ipsum dolor amet strip steak drumstick shankle jerky frankfurter short loin sausage. Short loin hamburger landjaeger turducken. Pork belly bresaola pork drumstick picanha. Rump capicola pork chop ball tip pork loin.' local self = {}; self.tut = ISRichTextPanel:new(0, 0, 500, 500); self.tut:initialise(); self.tut:setAnchorBottom(true); self.tut:setAnchorRight(true); self.moreinfo = self.tut:wrapInCollapsableWindow(); self.moreinfo:setX((getCore():getScreenWidth() * 0.5) - (self.tut.width * 0.5)); self.moreinfo:setY((getCore():getScreenHeight() * 0.5) - (self.tut.height * 0.5)); self.moreinfo:setTitle(title); self.moreinfo:addToUIManager(); self.tut:setWidth(self.moreinfo:getWidth()); self.tut:setHeight(self.moreinfo:getHeight() - 16); self.tut:setY(16); self.tut.autosetheight = false; self.tut.clip = true; self.tut:addScrollBars(); self.tut.textDirty = true; self.tut.text = text; self.tut:paginate(); return self; end This is from an old mod of mine and *should* create a simple text window.
  5. RoboMat


    I don't know what you speak of!
  6. I meant if you looked at the actual IsoPlayer.class / .java file? You can use JD-gui to look at it. Your problem is the update() method: this.TimeRightPressed += 1; } else { this.TimeRightPressed = 0; } if (this.bNewControls) { if (!this.isCharging) { this.isCharging = (((Mouse.isButtonDownUICheck(1)) && (this.TimeRightPressed >= 8)) || (GameKeyboard.isKeyDown(Core.getInstance().getKey("Aim")))); } else { this.isCharging = ((Mouse.isButtonDown(1)) || (GameKeyboard.isKeyDown(Core.getInstance().getKey("Aim")))); } } else if (!this.isCharging) { this.isCharging = ((Mouse.isButtonDownUICheck(0)) && ((this.TimeLeftPressed >= 13) || (GameKeyboard.isKeyDown(Core.getInstance().getKey("Aim"))))); } else { this.isCharging = ((Mouse.isButtonDown(0)) && ((this.TimeLeftPressed >= 13) || (GameKeyboard.isKeyDown(Core.getInstance().getKey("Aim"))))); } this.bRunning = ((!PZConsole.instance.isVisible()) && (GameKeyboard.isKeyDown(Core.getInstance().getKey("Run"))) && (!this.bSneaking)); } this.Waiting = false; Looks like the controls are actually hardcoded into the player class. Haven't found anything that could disable it... so my guess is you can't fix it without touching the java side.
  7. Hm ... totally forgot about splitscreen. Did you take a look at the IsoPlayer class itself yet?
  8. Please avoid the off-topic next time. The NPC affair has been discussed time after time so there is no need to derail this topic which is actually about getting modding help @nolanri: I suspect the code for getting the player to move is hardcoded into the actual IsoPlayer class (I don't have the time to check this right now, so don't take my word for granted). If this is the case, then it probably isn't easy to fix without some major refactoring to the whole system. I can't think of any way to fix this on the Lua side. You might be able to write your own NPC class by extending the IsoPlayer class and removing the input related code in there (by overriding the parent methods)... No idea how that would work in reality though. Anyway I hope you are able to fix this.
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    Discord Channel

    If you want to discuss modding related topics join our Discord channel! https://discord.gg/theindiestone May the Spiffo be with you!
  10. I like the idea. P.S.: I deleted your other topic Next time, you can just "report" your own thread and we can move it to the right place.
  11. Too late tommy san. Wax on, wax off, wax on ...
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