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    It's outdated IIRC, so pretty much you can't use it unless the maker updates it to the new version of the steam version(Build 23 if i'm right). So pretty much that's the problem... did you read RoboMat's mod installation thread?
  2. He's dead, i killed him by accident with my pistol thinking it was a zombie. He turned into a plush after that. You mean you taxidermied them! Sicko. HEY, these damn raccoons were murdering the cats in the neighborhood!, I HAD TO DO SOMETHING!
  3. He's dead, i killed him by accident with my pistol thinking it was a zombie. He turned into a plush after that.
  4. Not trying to be rude or anything, but i don't think a rural countryside would be able to get a weapon that (if im correct) is illegal in the US unless it is ILLEGALLY exported to the US(AA12). But the other 3 would make sense, though i suggest that the M60 is a rare find.
  5. *Takes off sunglasses* Mother of god... it's a massacre... well technically, it's a masterpiece... okay, it's actually amazing.
  6. One idea i suggest for the toothless is that when NPC's come out, responding to them will make a few of your words gibberish(Though, people can talk without teeth, it can cause a lisp and sometimes gibberish sentences. )
  7. But we already can find in homes items like JoJo, WendingRings etc. Men(Human/Zombie) with skirt don't look like wearing skirt xD Even devs get bored and feel like being silly from time to time, and who says that those items will be useless in the future? So, you're saying the YoYo can be crafted with the soon-to-come machetes to make it a ranged death machine?, SIGN ME UP. And wedding rings with a tiny pistol on it on automatic fire?, NOPE.
  8. You want to see an illusion of a pool? No problem, it's mondoid. *Spits out coffee* RELEASE THIS MAP AND TILESETS NOW!, DEADLINE IS IN 5 MINUTES!
  9. Maybe Thutzor could help you, since he is making a tile pack for his very own map project, so he probably knows some stuff. And that's a nice looking archwall
  10. Houses are a pain in the arse to make, but here's a screenie: 2 bedrooms and a beautiful living room, buy now for 350,000 on www.claysburgrealtor.net(Not a real site, just giving a hint on what one of the cities will be in my map Union State(Though, i have not givin' grivcin a greenlight yet, check out his map, links on the first post) You could say it's a remake of my first one, but it'll be different shoon... SHOON.
  11. Woah!, great ideas, the Indie Stone could sure use you as one of the devs. YOU ARE TALENTED SON! Sarcasm aside, read what RealmKeeper posted.
  12. Also, i fully suggest you check ALL building's internal names and make sure that they're right. A preview. Also, albums!
  13. Wait, i can edit it in the program without me even knowing? *Brain shrinks*
  14. Question, what did you use to make you map?, thinking of making my own(I'm terrible at drawing though), unless Mendonca's Random Mapzoid gets updated with features like highways(The large roads aren't large enough, trying to mimic the main game's highways), oceans(seas, and rivers). And that map looked like it took weeks to make.
  15. Did somebody say... Coooookies? Also, i believe the word you're trying to spell is "recipes". Can't wait for this and the pictures, you're making icons for them?\ EDIT: And +1 for cat picture.
  16. Pretty sure the teleporting players is just because of lag. Either it's your connection or theirs, if you connection's good it's probably theirs, since playing on BF4(Damn you EA!) some players randomly teleport even though i got good connection. The evading and dancing are also connection issues.
  17. But ban hammers are the best pa- fine. Trolleys are majestic creatures, but they are slowly becoming extinct. Then comes the fan, which has murdered people while they sleep.
  18. Apollo!, don't tell them about that 'thing' where i stole Rathlord's hammer of Bannification, otherwise, i'm toast. I kind of agree with this idea, one negative is that you would move a bit slower, but sprinting can help a tiny bit with pushing it. And yes, welcome to the forums. Where all devs put me in their watch list since i got 2 warning points!, now i'm hiring you to do my dirty work(Not really).
  19. Gas Station is ready!, BE READY TO BE MINDBLOWN... by a gas station.
  20. Damn, i'm so sleepy. I forgot what to add on the Fossoil building! But i do remember that i'm going to TRY and make a bakery!
  21. NOTE TO ALL: If you're going to use the Cortman Medical building, go to BuildEd and change the internal name for Closet from poststorage to storageunit! Fossoil Gas is being built, stay tuned!
  22. WD-40 is basically an item which helps prevents rust from occurring. ***IDEA UPDATE*** Coward NPCs - You just went around the whole house checking if any zombies were inside the house. There wasn't, so you decide to step inside. You then go into the small cupboard and BAM! It isn't a zombie in your sights, it's a dead NPC who took the easy way out. What type of person are you? Do you respect the NPC and leave their personal belongings in their pockets, do you take them or are you struggling that bad for items? Well, i guess i could support the WD-40. As for the new idea, i fully agree. Could add some decisions for players, though i'm sure that they would just take their belongings. I suggest there should be a downside for taking them, does you character become depressed or wakes up panicked whenever he sleeps due to the bad thing he has done?
  23. It's not low on the todo list And i'm pretty sure cookies are in the top priority list!
  24. Nice work! Glad to see a new PZ builder aboard, one tip is to not make the rooms repetitive as others said. But you figured it out already due to the others(And RingoD ), we hope to see you make some amazing work! And i sounded like a robotic tour guide saying that!
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