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  1. Interesting concept of the future hunting and wildlife mechanic, what about bears and cougars?, i know nothing about KY, but i'm sure bears live in the forests of KY.
  2. Take out my sledgehammer and break down a wall and jump out of it and break my legs and get feasted on by a crawler as soon as i jump out. What's the meanest thing you've done to a loved one?
  3. Sit in a 6 hour art lesson, for Miley gives me HIV.
  4. No. (You deserve to be sent into the dungeon for rejecting cookies) Pineapples or Watermelons?
  5. Time to point fingers at you and start laughing. You lose. > Nah, just made a joke since russians have incredible accents. And the fact that FPSAustralia doesn't have that rough accent makes me cringe.
  6. DoctahWong

    Newtown (WIP)

    Damn you Ringo and your original town names. I can't think for shit of a town name. So i steal them from The Last Stand since i'm so unoriginal. :3 Anyway, looking forward to this completelyoriginalandbrilliant project!
  7. FPSRussia?, i can't even tell if he is even holding a real minigun or it's just fake. A man his size wouldn't even be able to hold a minigun in his hands... and before you say "He's russian, dummy.", he isn't. :<
  8. in the remake of Turok you were able to dual wield shotguns...i still ask myself how he managed to reload Magic. *Snort, snort*
  9. Just don't tape the slide... trust me, 2 pistols taped together on the slide is not a pretty sight. And as everyone said... No.
  10. You should become a rapper, my boy. Now let's get back on topic... starting with someone else because i don't even know what NSA is.
  11. I'm not sure about the whole conflict thing, but it's been happening a lot recently. And they weren't pretty... Everyone seem to want World Peace, but that'll never happen because of three things: Power, Greed, and Corruption... though since i'm not THAT much of a political person, i may be wrong.
  12. Great art style i'm impressed... no microtransactions though right?, don't like those type of things. Overall, i can't wait to see how it turns out.
  13. A FPS game made by Valve, it turned FPS in 2012 i think. It had a map that has a sort of styling like that building, man if only HL3 was released... but ever since they made Steam, games never came from them... OVERKILL made Payday in order to give us hope in Valve... but it failed, and they're making monay thanks to Steam... and here's their new slogan!: "We used to make games. Now we make money.". Kind of makes sense. But hey!, at least Steam is better than Origin right?
  14. Ah, i see! Are they the updated ones though?, i have updated them a bit just to make some detail and fix some stuff that has been glitching out.
  15. Hiya!, i updated the houses and made a good amount of middle class houses for your usage!, and for Jela and Ringo's map! Also, just played TWD: Episode 2 on a friend's house, gave me the idea of making a cabin!(AND A LODGE!) (doubt i could make a LOOK-ALIKE though!)
  16. Mother of god... IS THAT A WINDOWS 8 ICON?!, AND PHOTOSHOP... and MS Paint? ;'D That's one interesting concept of a building, looks like something that came outta' a TF2 map.
  17. Beautiful, i wonder how i didn't find this! If you need me to build anything, just ask.
  18. ... Mr. Happy's Supermarket? Another beautiful building by Thutzor... the zombie who has no legs. (Dat self-checkout though)
  19. DoctahWong


    It's outdated IIRC, so pretty much you can't use it unless the maker updates it to the new version of the steam version(Build 23 if i'm right). So pretty much that's the problem... did you read RoboMat's mod installation thread?
  20. He's dead, i killed him by accident with my pistol thinking it was a zombie. He turned into a plush after that. You mean you taxidermied them! Sicko. HEY, these damn raccoons were murdering the cats in the neighborhood!, I HAD TO DO SOMETHING!
  21. He's dead, i killed him by accident with my pistol thinking it was a zombie. He turned into a plush after that.
  22. Not trying to be rude or anything, but i don't think a rural countryside would be able to get a weapon that (if im correct) is illegal in the US unless it is ILLEGALLY exported to the US(AA12). But the other 3 would make sense, though i suggest that the M60 is a rare find.
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