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  1. Well, safe to say he didn't completely give up since he still comes on the site. How do i know this?, he posted in a thread in March 23. So there's still hope.
  2. Suddenly, a wild fake chinese man pops up... which is me obviously. It's safe to say that we asians are dominant in the human race... because fortune cookies. Also, the GRAFIX look legit... but why remove the neon-ish style. D:
  3. Added a playground for the kids. Finily figured how to put graffity on walls. Tne new empty snack thing Better fronts on the open snack building. Nice progress! I have always wondered what that machine in the back of the closed burger kiosk was(Next to the graffiti inside)... i don't think i've ever seen one of those things, if i did. Then i don't know what it's called.
  4. ... i don't see how i was being negative, i'm just saying it wouldn't work. And i'm basically not the type of person of tries to start a fight.
  5. I can imagine Valve working with TIS and adding a ton of Karma Chargers that appear out of nowhere and immediately destroy you... or opening a bathroom door only to startle a witch and get insta-killed... But we all know Valve doesn't make games anymore... they can't even count to 3. :3
  6. Well said... Now give me back my old member title, you bully.
  7. This was going smoothly... then you came.
  8. DoctahWong


    Every living thing. I mean, you WILL die if you stay awake for a long, long, long, long, kittens, long, wong time.
  9. Wasn't trying to cause a fight, Mr. Cat. Just saying that LEGO's wouldn't work with firearms. :3
  10. DoctahWong


    I must say, your building skills are improving more and more! The mini mall i've got to check out, if i see some bits of 'glitches', i'll tell you about them. The college one is my favorite of the bunch, first time someone's built(?) a college in the forums. So, i'll check it out too. The Industrial building is good, but the choice of the exterior wall is what irks me, not to be rude or anything.
  11. Much pleasure, and thanks for telling me about the missing door, can't wait to see you and Texas' masterpiece.
  12. Dat Gas Station and Greene's Supermarket. And is that my replica of the Cortman Medical building i see in the Duplex photo? Nice buildings, dude!
  13. there called suppressors and would be some what useful in a riffle. more useful for things like a 10 22 tactical or a pistol ass the ammo for the riffle would have to be sub sonic for it to take full effect. another not to be add on would be using things like legos steel wool tennis balls and make shift adapter for a old oil filer from a car. yes those exist in real life and work well. the silencer for the 22 could be made with mandatory items for crafting reasons. knife or glue. as make lego suppressor its really durable and would not fall aprt once glue was used. in return gun would make no noise at all. ... Lego silencer? ... you have got to be joking, that wouldn't work with a real firearm. Since that could literally break the pieces apart and it wouldn't even suppress any of the noise. And people can choose to say suppressor or silencer since it doesn't really matter, even some shows call suppressors silencers.
  14. Tell me about it, going to parks where i live. Chicken bones everywhere and my Pug goes out to get them while i attempt to stop good ole' Pogo from choking to death and popping his eyes out. Really? I've fed every single dog I've ever had chicken bones and I've never had a single problem. Pogo's got some swallowing problems, and once he almost choked on a large piece of beef and lt looked like his eyes were about to pop out, i also keep my cat Boo away from him the fact that he thinks he owns the house and i don't want him to scratch those adorable eyes of his.
  15. Tell me about it, going to parks where i live. Chicken bones everywhere and my Pug goes out to get them while i attempt to stop good ole' Pogo from choking to death and popping his eyes out.
  16. Like the idea, have my +1. Also, wasn't there a film adaption of that book?
  17. Pretty sure assault rifles will come out if Fort Knox gets released, i mean. It HAS military personnel, i do agree sniper rifles shouldn't be added since it wouldn't work out on a isometric style game. And some people do know how to improvise suppressors(Not saying our characters are cybernetic robots that know everything). What i would like to see are variations of weapons, like more types of pistols and shotguns. Like a 'Heavy Pistol'(Icon could be based off a M1911) that is stronger than the ordinary pistol but has a capacity of 8 rounds(again, could be based off a M1911) and is louder due to the .45 ACP rounds(new rounds, also not a gun expert so i don't know if different rounds make a weapon louder or not) or a 'Semi Automatic Shotgun', some Benelli type of shotty that's semi auto?, also would love to see everyday items like pipe wrenches, brooms, etc., And my favorite... Machetes and other hunting weaponry. :3
  18. Probably busy with family and school/work stuff or he gave up completely, but don't lose hope.
  19. Because Nutella. Yeah, i dislike maple syrup(Not really). GOT A PROBLEM SON?
  20. "Hey, you friendly?", then it ends up like this: They have a gun, they blow me to kingdom come. Melee?, they say yes and as soon as i turn my back. I get a axe struck into my head. Rarely, they're friendly. Never play with randoms.
  21. You didn't miss me since i was always building buildings in TileZed, so i send a pack of puppies and kittens to mow you down by suffocating you with adorable-ness.
  22. I demand eyewear, i want to wear Aviators damn it.
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