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  1. I know it's a joke but do you guys want a tourney just for shits and giggles or do you prefer prices? I originally thought it woul dbe just for fun and didn't plan for prices beforehand. Do you want some? If so, what would you be interested in? ... I would be interested if the person who won gets attacked by a bunch of kittens that you drop on him from the sky.
  2. Signup first, then talk smack *Takes out revolver and aims at you* I got a gun! In all seriousness, my family are travelling to a location that i am classifying for 2 days. So, unfortunately i can't join. (But give me all the rewards. )
  3. ... What's the reward if we beat your butt, boy? :3
  4. Wait... why are we fighting? There is no point, this war won't change anything... We should end this war in peace... I mean. C'mon!, everyone knows that a WAFFLE IS JUST A PANCAKE WITH GRIDS ON IT! *Audience gasp*
  5. Bravo! I have one questions... are the telephone poles/cables like that in Japan(assuming you live there!).
  6. Making circles ending up in anger and showing the fist to heaven, so I decided to leave it squared . But don't tell it C. Ronaldo, because he'll team up with L. Messi and they'll kick me really hard in my groin Of course it's under construction and will changed at the ende with 6 entrances, fanshops, fastfood and so on . Its only basically drawn. Currently working on the lockerrooms. Can be seen in the far west. I'll probably use this in my map and give credit, though if it comes out i may add some touches to make it seem like the military took control. Unfortunately, i already told Cristiano about the square field lines. So he told Messi and asked me if i wanted to join in... i said yes, unfortunately... *Takes out paddle*
  7. He made custom tiles as far as i can tell, those windows on the metro aren't available, technically most of the Metro's tiles are custom-made by him(I presume?). Quick tip, the broken windows you have on the Metro right now won't actually be "broken" ingame, you'll have to BREAK the broken window in order to get in, once you break that broken window, it appears normal.
  8. something like this? Be honest and mercyless... all the time spent now will be a good investment for the future! EDIT: To show the differences i've uploaded another pic: Cheers Jack The 2nd and 3rd photos look quite perfect. Fits the PZ styling.
  9. It was mentioned in at least one mondoid post that npcs would have character traits that would create storylines based on their traits. A shifty character foments unrest in a leaders camp and so on. Group dynamics are a big part of npc development and as such is one of the reasons it's taking so long to bring to fruition. If npcs are a quarter of what the devs intend it means a rich and detailed storyline whether your character is present or not. Truly an exciting development in pc gaming if they get the ai even close to their stated goals. Afaik no game currently in play has the scope of what the npcs in pz are capable of. I say, without hubris, that pz may be the creator of a new iteration of ai. We may all look back on this in 20 years as the birthplace of ingame ai. Hm, wonder how the cheerful ones will be. Maybe they still have hope about the infection just being temporary and calms others down/cheers them up, same goes for the kindhearted ones... until their personalities change after finding out it'll never end which leads them to depression and unexpected turn of events?, can't wait for that. Hell, may be kindhearted NPC's won't just execute some looter because he/she feels sorry, which will turn into some dynamic event which will end up with the kindhearted one OR looter(maybe both) dead. The shifty ones are pretty much the liars/rats of the group, they screw up. They make excuses, but what if a new trait called "Intimidating" was added, which causes the survivors you're leading to fear you(Goes for NPC's too!), thus obeying your commands(Brave survivors(including you) can stand up to them however, which may end up in a lot of ways), which you can use to your advantage to get the truth out of him(Shifty and Cowardly NPC's get the truth easily out of them, with a beating or not, Brave ones... need a lot of pain to get it out of him). You can still get the truth out of them, but it won't be as effective as more intimidating survivors As soon as you find out, you could choose to kill them or accept the truth. Which can affect your relationship with the other NPC's with you.
  10. NPC's will dynamically change the game as soon as they get added... by dynamic, most likely some NPC's will call for your help if you're seen at a distance, as soon as you get close. You get ambushed by his/her groupmates... Also, i don't think a NPC would just ask for your help in a zombie apocalypse, they'd be more cautious around others... or intelligent psychopaths asking for your help only to stab you in the back of your neck with a hunting knife.
  11. You're actually pretty good, though i suggest adding a bit more of a "PZ" touch to those cable pole things, y'know make it a bit pixel-ish.
  12. Using my brain, it's a soccer field... maybe a football field.
  13. ...Why not Darth Chef? (get the reference?)
  14. Happy Mondoid everyone! Those buildings make my houses look like shit.
  15. As durable as a real life one. :3 ... and your picture disturbs me heavily... an insult to the cat gods.
  16. Well, that proves it. You work for TIS!, only Mash would be able to make such vehicles. You have got to be working with them, you must be! IT'S A CONSPIRACY THEORY.
  17. I would! Would there be poisonous cookies?, if there are... does that mean poisonous Spiffo Fries? But you gave me the idea to poison players ingame who have low cooking skills.
  18. i believe it is in Pounds. although the weight system seems to be rather unique. when can we expect the release of this build? When. It's. Ready. The next person to ask gets a formal warning. The next after that gets a suspension. So... you mean I can't ask to go to the bathroom? You monsters!
  19. Nice!, but i'm pretty sure pizza is already implemented in the vanilla game already.
  20. *Pats your shoulder* I know that feeling bro... well, not really. I mean, you're a cruel monster that gives people warnings and executes them if they don't listen!
  21. Loving the sprites, thanks for sharing the tileset! What would be call is having the computer point at different directions, unless you've tried that and found it difficult then sorry if you tried.
  22. .O. Your last quote reminds me of a song, i'm pretty sure i heard it on the first Back to the Future movie. :')
  23. *Raises hand in the crowd* Is there cookies?... hello?
  24. That means Cookies are in it!, right?!... right? Anywho, a hunting knife sounds splendid!, now i can finally make my character more of a hunter!, except without animals!
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