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  1. "Motherfucker", it was my best friend too! I'm such an evil scumbag! What's the most horrible thing you've done that caused conflicts?
  2. Another Battlefield game already? As if Battlefield 4's bugginess wasn't enough... BATTLEFIELD HARDLINE, BUY NOW. Only 99.99$... that G36C better be worth it.
  3. Fair enough. Make sure to vote for pancakes due to the fact they're incredibly awesome (or waffles, if you like squares) in the poll in general discussion. Surely, you LOVE pancakes!
  4. I'm just an entitled member. That means none of you can think of a title for me!, lolololololo
  5. HOW DARE YOU! Waffles are made from the nectar of the Gods. Pancakes are made from the tears of children and rat droppings. Accept the fact, they're clearly pancakes who chose to betray their own kind and added grids on themselves in order to make their own species. Join us... and betray the Wonder Waffles. SOMEBODY SHOOT THIS LUNATIC *gasps for air* *Aiming a revolver* I can't do it.
  6. Pretty much, Glove-boxes aren't just for show too you know... never know when a box of 9mm can come in handy... and some animal crackers. As for weapons on vehicles, would be nice having a Humvee with a mounted M249 on it... which can overheat for some time, just to hinder it's usefulness, but that probably goes against the suggestions.
  7. I want my damn face bandanas and aviators... GREAT DISGUISE. Hoodies are great too! ... and T-Shirts. D:
  8. Y'know, I think I should make a game called CAT: The cat petting simulator. "A TRUE AND UNIQUE GAMING EXPERIENCE!" - IGN: 10/10(I didn't pay them, honest!) But then again, everyone'll come by and say it's a ripoff of the Goat Petting Simulator.
  9. Because waffles are pancakes with squares on them. Therefore, pancakes are the clear winner here.
  10. Well, imirish123 started talking about fallout and stuff like that. He also mentioned that his brother should play Fallout for the TRUE gaming experience. Also, you can't deny that my icon is sexy.
  11. Exactly I have a few zones that I needed, but we may add more for the NPC (like "beach", "pharmacy", "warehouse"...), but any modders could add them for their own map, in fact, if you want trapping to work (correctly at least, by default i take the "town" zone if nothing is found), you'll be forced to do this zoning, same for NPC things. Oh and, added "Awesome Mash Mall" to the upcoming list (so fun to say.. I mean seriously, try it at home, say "Awesome Mash Mall" 3 times fast... Oook, it's maybe only fun as a French...) Come visit Awesome Mash Mall, where we have all these awesome wares and gadgets that you can find nowhere else! Aluminum Baseball Bat?, it's there! Hunting Knives?, it's there! Weapons of Mass Destruction?, uh... we don't have tha- IT'S THERE! Anyhoo, how do these zones work? Are they meant to show how many zombies, npc's and animals spawn there?
  12. That'll come when the Sadistic Director AI gets released... then you'll see the entertainment happen. :3
  13. They're both published by money-hungry companies, so they're both identical!
  14. The World Filler looks fantastic!, glad to see that added.
  15. Great buildings as always. ... is the wine at the bar that horrible?
  16. Hm... how about a video showing the features of the propane tank in the next mondoid.
  17. It's not pound or kilos, it's.. erm "encumbrement" (not sure about the spelling), imagine you have a big cardbox in your inventory, if we do size in kilos it'll weight like 0.4 or something, BUT it's really hard to carry with you (can't really fight and stuff), so it's weight will more be like 3-4 Oh, I have some fun plans for (Hank Hill accent activate)PROPANE(Hank Hill accent deactivate) in multiplayer... placing a well set propane, wait for the unsuspecting group of survivors to come in... then shoot that PROPANE and EXPRUSHION. ... or just make a trap for the unsuspecting herd of zomboids out in the open.
  18. When they are ready! when it be ready In approximately 20,000 billion lightyears... we won't even be alive during that time. And seahorses took over the universe.
  19. As good as it is, the devs have put it in their Big No's. http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/192-commonly-suggested-suggestions-read-before-posting/ [n] Beginning the game before the infection
  20. Right... I'd like to see how true that statement is. ._.
  21. Here're some pics of my favourite builds I've done so far this week: Lastly I'll give you guys an update of what the whole area is starting to look like. I think you're gonna like this: Another wall of text finished! phew... Thanks for tuning in! Again happy Easter Mondoid and have a lovely week. <3 EDIT: Oh, and to all you mappers out there! I found the way to get the blends working automatically when you do a bmp to tmx or use the BMP brush in tilezed! It's been updated in the OP of the MAP TOOLS thread and my post on it can be found here. Those buildings are inspiring me to make use those interesting designs for my future buildings, great job on making them look alike!
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