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  1. ... he's making a DLC?? Why would you make a DLC for a game that consists of you keeping a watch on animatronics? I guess it's better than a game coming out every 4-6 months then?
  2. I did find the FIRST game scary at times, not exaggerated screaming but more like startled because I didn't see a jumpscare coming while shrugging it off say "Oh boy! Didn't see that one coming!". The others? Eh... I disliked the series at first, but when they announced Silent Hills was cancelled and FNAF4 was announced an hour later(or so it seems by alleged sources, and by alleged sources, I mean the comments.), I pretty much loathed the series for adding salt to the wounds. >:/ I was anticipating Silent Hills(P.T.) damn it. But to sum it all up: Yes, I do hate the series after the repetition started to rack up. I don't hate the lore of the game, in fact, it's interesting but the fact a game gets announced every month or so? God that's annoying, but I can tell it's because the creator KNOWS it'll rack up some cash! Hell the dude was struggling with failed games until some dude said that the animals in one of his failed projects looked like animatronics and thus had the idea of creating this god-awful series of games. That's not the worst part, it's the fanbase. Good god, the ships; WHO SHIPS ROBOTIC ANTHROPOMORPHIC ANIMALS?
  3. Ban Asparagus for having a Spiffo avatar that's animated... BUT IS BASIC ANIMATION. (spiffo is just an image with the illusion that he's hopping!) pls animate the spiffo as well. :c (hint: definitely not eternally absent)
  4. Haha! It's pretty much the first question in the Q&A! I was trying to open the Q&A the first time I saw this thread, but for some reason it didn't work so I gave up. Oh! It works for me, possibly a connection error since I couldn't update my thread about a new section and building! SPEAKING OF UPDATES. Here's what I got! Restaurant Building portion has been added to thread, empty for now. Updates and Plans section added to thread. New building in Commercial Building portion! The Auto Shop! (Called Louie's Auto Shop for Greenwich map) Just a heads up; things'll be added in a slow pace for now, have to focus on some things in the real world, so to speak. Don't worry, things will come up on this thread soon as I already have some buildings ready for upload! They're just being checked on so they don't forget the necessary objects needed in order to function correctly(appliances, light switches, etc.). To give you my next project? A farmhouse based off on one of the farmhouses in Valley Station. It's my top priority right now so keep an eye on some updates about it!
  5. Glad you like it! I plan to make some chapels(private churches, iirc) and an auto shop later on! Now that I think of it, I'll probably be adding a "Planned/Updates" section on the post to keep you all informed! Hopefully doesn't make everything cluttered. I like to keep things well-organized. ^u^ Haha! It's pretty much the first question in the Q&A! But I'll keep it short for you! Had to deal with some personal issues in life and was busy with schoolwork, plus anxiety is a bitch when I try to socialize with new people in person; this is pretty much a major problem for me in person as I tend to get REALLY nervous up on stage or in front of a class. I also plan to open up a gaming channel on YT, have been saving up and got enough to buy the Elgato HD60(capture device, a mandatory device for the equipment setup) but the anxiety holds me back at times. Overall, all is good now EXCEPT the anxiety issues and lack of calcium in my teeth(which I'm fixing right now by drinking water and milk) so no worries.
  6. Good question! I will be uploading on there as well! But I'll mainly focus my building priorities on the forums since this is the official forums of PZ and is where everything started but I won't overlook the Workshop and will be uploading on there when I have the time. However I believe the upload schedule'll be different and the forums'll be getting it first. First come, first serve.
  7. DL LINKS FOR THE RESIDENTIAL AND COMMUNITY BUILDINGS PORTION ARE NOW UP! Question time! Asking for your opinions on how the thread is laid out, what do you think? Is it too cramped? Too much big words? Needs more color?... Or is it fine the way it is? I tried making it as well organized as possible and different categories and I do think the final product is great but what do you guys think? Opinions, opinions! We've all got our personal tastes and preferences. ^-^ Also, be sure to let me know if there are any bugs or missing essential tiles in the building and I'll be sure to fix it ASAP! Stay Tuned.
  8. WELL, IT'S BEEN A WHILE FOLKS! UPDATES AND PLANS: Yes! I am back from my... ETERNAL ABSENCE. And now, we have renovated and refurbished our thread. It is no longer a small stand that gives out buildings to the public eye! It is now a MUSEUM that showcases some of the finest buildings made by yours truly! I have gotten used to the Building Program now, still trying to get used with TileZed HOWEVER; we are not here to talk about my struggles with the program itself... We're here to see the buildings showcased in this FINE ESTABLISHMENT! Are you ready for the tour, ladies and gentlemen? LET'S GO! ... what an introduction, amirite? But before we get to the showcase, let's answer some questions to fill in some holes? (no innuendo intended) Q&A(sent by myself since we just started) Q2. Why is your old thread locked? I loved(hated) it! It was locked on my request by Rathlord(Thanks again!) due to the fact it pretty much faded from existence and was really out-of-date due to my long absence. I could have cleared everything out and updated everything in there but it would have been time-consuming and overall, I felt like starting all over would be the best. A fresh start is better than a rotten one that has existed for centuries but didn't go as planned. - DoctahWong Q3. So, what's going to happen to your fabulous(horrendous) buildings from that thread? Will they see a comeback on here They're not coming back, they're gonna be replaced by the buildings posted in this thread; but don't fret! These buildings are much more detailed than the rest since I've gotten more used to the program itself! They're going to be a big improvement from the older entries, so you won't be disappointed by their new design and will appreciate them more than the ones that have been scrapped and thrown in the trash!(I hope.) Q4. Are you still fighting that hopeless petition that The Indie Stone team shall add Chocolate Chip Cookies in the game? Yes I am! But I'm laying low right now as I don't want to get into the wrong side of the law's attitude. ouo'' I also plan to make a petition for more clothing like hoodies of varying colors, more shoes based off of Converse and Vans! Sunglasses like aviators and eyeglasses! And Hats! LOTS AND LOTS OF HATS OF MANY VARIETIES AND COLORS. BASEBALL CAPS, BEANIES, BANDANAS, FACE BANDANAS, TOP HATS, BOWLER HATS, BOONIE HATS, EVERYTHING. It'll probably fade into the forgotten seas of the unknown as well though. BUT I WILL FIGHT NO MATTER WHAT. Now that that's dealt with, let's get on with the buildings and explain as to why has been improved and changed! What's New with THESE buildings! HERE AT WONG ENTERPRISES, WE WANT TO FULFILL YOUR GUARANTEED SATISFACTION! SO WE IMPROVED SOME DESIGNS AND CONCEPTS. Alright, enough exaggeration! So, what has been revamped that sets them apart from the older buildings? The buildings I create take some inspiration from the West Point and Muldraugh buildings like their layout, design cues, and styling of the exterior. Basically replicas but with my own twists added to make them stand out! Although, not all buildings are replicas in a way, some are my own ideas and imaginations while having some inspiration and looking at references for those specific venues on the internet like a hospital(still a work-in-progress) and an industrial factory of sorts(hasn't begun yet; subject to change.)! While the catalog of buildings in the category below may still seem limited, more buildings are on their way! So stay tuned for more buildings coming at later dates! Fine assortment of buildings in categories linked below!(COURTESY OF IMGUR): The Residential Buildings of the Museum The Commercial Buildings of the Museum (empty for now) The Community Buildings of the Museum The Restaurant Buildings of the Restaurant (empty for now) The Misc. Buildings of the Museum (empty for now) The Industrial Buildings of the Museum (empty for now) The Special Buildings of the Museum (empty for now) (These buildings have special items like a generator or propane tanks in them) (Download links are in their respective individual pages!) Phew, this took a while to type in! How long was it? Like almost an hour? Hehe! Took all the effort I had with complex terms and all. But all in a honest day's work! REMEMBER! Stay tuned for more buildings to come! CREDIT AND PERMISSION OF USAGE:
  9. How about the H&K SL8? It's an semi-automatic rifle which is the civilian version of the G36 made by H&K. They use 5.56/.223 rounds. Not sure if they're common but I'm sure they're available in gun stores around the US. Photo: (I believe this is the variant with a G36 rail)
  10. If it happens, I can't wait; it's going to be the BEST feature added in the game! Better than NPC's Think about the features, hand-cuffing a player then forcing them to eat a rotten banana and force drink Mountain Dew all the time!
  11. It's strange how people find swatting fun while it's really a dangerous thing to do. It was a rare occurence... now it's being common, a youtuber called whiteboy7thst also got swatted this month however, unlike Koots. He and his girlfriend were apparently arrested because the team found a stash of marijuana above the legal limit. Would it be ironic if Koots was in the CT team when the SWAT came in?
  12. Yeah, that bugged me too. Especially during that part at the Spoiler gift shop where they try to find something to take it down. Soon as they do, "CLEM, you're quite tall, do it yourself!". Also, no. Jane and Molly are not the same voice actors. I'm sure Telltale did make a new character who has the same personality as ones from Season 1. Jane's one of them, I guess. Fun Fact: Kat Cressida, voice actor of Dee Dee from Dexter's Laboratory voiced Bloody Mary from The Wolf Among Us.
  13. Never heard of "McDonald's", but I do know Spiffo's!
  14. The new trailer... the feels. T-T WARNING: The Season 2 Finale trailer is FULL of spoilers from Season 1 AND 2, I advise that you do NOT watch it unless you've played them all, skip at 3:45 to see a saddening scene.
  15. You may not find longswords in Kentucky, but you'll probably find machetes in homes of survivalists or hunters. Katanas? The chances of finding a real one is extremely low, most of them are either plastic replicas or made of some other weak materials. ... if only there WAS a way to find longswords in Kentucky. :< EDIT: If I wanted to die, I'd fight you in a duel(And probably get decapitated during the first 5 seconds). Seriously though, you look badass. I was supposed to bug them about a Machete, but ever since I was bugging them to add cookies so I can be grandma(snort snort). I didn't take the risk to get my butt banhammer'd.
  16. Damn, that must've hurt a lot. Also good idea! Maybe if the power's on, you can find some ziplock bags and put some ice cubes on it. Not sure if putting an ziplock bag full of ice is gonna cool anyone down... it surely did cool me down... especially when my head burns out of pure anger. .O.
  17. PlzNoh. I'd rather eat Dog Food if I'm desperate enough instead of a rotting dog's body.
  18. Oh it's ON! Rolling Thunder 2 *People starts screaming "Oooooh!"*
  19. I would like to crash this funeral please!
  20. Sorry! Poor wording/refamiliarization with the lore on my part! I meant to ask if you personally thought Spoiler Rebecca died and reanimated! She looked really unhealthy to me, but maybe not blatantly dead.
  21. I'll have to agree with him, meme's are good for a while. Suddenly they get overused to the point they aren't funny anymore... but if I must... Pedobear
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