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  1. What determines how much loot a POI spawns? For example - kids camp up in the NW part of the map, otherwise empty, part of the map has some great containers: a few good sized camping/fishstorage (I don't know the difference), a medical area, and a gun locker. Lotsa crates etc. Just a freaking great place to run to or even stumble upon. I just hit the the areafishing/camping stuff was very light though in two different buildings and the wooden crates weren't too good either (need to double check that) considering how many there are. Other crates w/ fishing or camping stuff elsewhere on the map seemed full. It's on a server but the admin didn't know of any changes that he'd make that those campgrounds would spawn kinda light. When I say "light," I'm going off of my own experience and other places on the map. I'm just curious - it would be cool if it spawned with more stuff.
  2. Thanks for adding god know how many years to the game for me - seriously. I look forward to Hydrocraft's future.
  3. Yikes. I knew folks would like having Hydro, ORGM, MoreBuild and...the Bedford Falls and Phoenix maps! ...sadly the server is too tough for many. Sad.
  4. And it starts again! DeadPixels (run search), 3 year old Project Zomboid server: fresh wipe. Hydro, ORGM (ooh, real guns...and lots of ammo), MoreBuild, BookCollection, Phillibuster Rhymes' car mods, Bedford Falls, Phoenix, Redstone and more! PVE (for now), safehouse after 1 day. VERY cold w/ mean nocturnal zeds. It is kind of tough though...
  5. OMG, it would be wild if stoves set stuff like gas and ammo off. If someone found your base and stuff stored in an oven...
  6. Initially baking bread because I get my first few cooking quickly and then I'm happy when I have enough from my garden and traps to make stew.
  7. Alas. I can still play IWBUMS w/ a bunch of mods but now I want to see a storm or some other big weather and see if my machine tanks. lol
  8. Is anyone else having trouble playing the IWBUMS on 32bit? I actually have to lower the Xms/x to play. I can play the current version w/ a lot of mods but I have to be careful w/ IWBUMS or I'll get a outofmemory error before world is loading (solo or server) Are the weather effects much more demanding on machines? (I'll be upgrading my OS but not for months.)
  9. [Admin - I started this in General Discussion but it seems better here - please remove from General Discussion] I logged out a character who was in *perfect health* and unencumbered in his base. I logged in a few hours later and his health was terminal - no wounds, no moodles (except damage one) and unencumbered. He lasted a few seconds before keeling over (did not re-animate). Later character was locked safely in a room, I lost connection to the server and logged in less than TEN minutes later and he's in critical health - no wounds, - I ate and he recovered. Finally a character gets scratched but is healed to OK. Played a few hours, and he logged out as OK (took screen shot) but came back at Slightly Wounded. Eating didn't help...then he got queasy. So he's infected, in spite of having reached OK. Is the game "changing its mind" when I log off? Reaching OK still means you're not infected, right? Am I not seeing the proper information, i.e. he has a wound or damage from weather (vehicle collision damage is turned off), poison, whatever but it's not being displayed? Srsly, I've played 5 years and never logged in to a mysteriously damaged character...or I forgot.
  10. The Super Survivors! mod is quite good imo. The NPCs can add a lot, whether it's a bunch of survivors that you're trying to keep alive, or hostile bandits shooting at you. Now and again a survivor might have a fire bomb - most of them have guns. So, you might be happily coming back from a looting trip to your base and there'll be a raging gun battle against a horde of zeds w/ buildings on fire. Good times.
  11. I started up Minecraft in 2012 or 2013 and one of the little yellow messages said "Play Project Zomboid!" So I Googled it and played whatever one the zeds look like big headed aliens) a few times then went on to 1.5. It was fun watching the game develop: invisible fire w/ swaying dancing zombies, crops teleporting all over the map, and some just psycho versions. Was it the 2.9.9.X that would just get crazy? There was one where you were just horded from all sides as soon as you logged in. Lol
  12. OK, TY. I knew that I'd been unable to fish at some point, but then I couldn't remember what season it had happened in.
  13. [I didn't see a need to start a new thread - will move it if necessary] So, does the "zoning system" affect aquatic life, i.e. you *can* fish out a lake? I'm a little unclear from my skimming of the above. If so, how large are these zones? If the small lake at the Campgrounds East of Dixie runs out of fish, will the much larger lake at 12602x8816 run out as well?
  14. Oh yeah, I am constantly on that site: I can't play without it. Lol. Anyway, there's this whole road network to the North of Bedford Falls. part of it connects to the road exiting/entering BF along the military base.
  15. Sorry about that. A developer on the server I play on provided two .json files (....something with Java? I was trying to follow but, yeah.) to put in the PZ folder. I also cleaned my Steam cache just for the hell of it. It took a couple of tries (likely user error) but the game worked again.
  16. I'm still not getting in: on solo it hangs after I hit "click to start" and in MP I "join game" but never get the "click to start" option. Gonna try a few things... [Fixed]
  17. Hey there, Bedford is easily my favorite map (except for the lack of wood stoves )but I can't stay there all the time. :*( Is there a map somewhere of the road system that leaves the Bedford map near the military base i.e. from 13694 9897? I need to find a semi-easy way to get to VS.
  18. Harder server settings honor the spirit of the game, i.e. "this is how you died." I appreciate it when you mitigate the damage of my recklessness and...well, just an unfinished (abandoned?) game. I try to keep that rare. Fortunately I can also count on other players to bail me out or lend a hand. I try to do the same: I try never to have to little not to share. Paying attn to other players (of various abilities) and learning HOW they're surviving is much more useful than moping and wow, you just might have to alter your playing style. Srsly, if *I* can stay alive (let's not talk about lately) it's just *not* that f'in hard.
  19. Folks show up again all the time - you know where I hang out Damon: drop by! (No srsly, still too many zeds) New folks should definitely drop by: yeah, the server isn't set on "easy" but the admin both sane and drama free AND new (or really beat up) folks are well taken care of in the PVE areas. Cool people outside of 'em too. Sure, SOME of 'em might be shoot at you but hey, zombie apocalypse. (You might even make friends w/ em later anyway.)
  20. Aw, a lot of people won't want to play w/o mods because of slow development over 5 years. I can't - I can't even tolerate SP w/o the the Survivors (NPC) mod. I was going to suggest "The Good Ol' Days" but then I saw that they had transmission off. Still, although I think that you're in a minority, there surely have to be only folks that want vanilla + transmission. Maybe the developers would consider a second "official" server but don't count on that! (very busy) The PZ community can come through though. Maybe change the title of your post/or repost to "Looking for server w/ no mods but w/ transmission?" Something like that.
  21. Oh yeah, I was following it closely: not much point in playing until it's done and didn't want to be late to loot specific places/find a base etc. I kinda had to schedule it into IRL so I'd want to know about delays. It was so cool seeing players come back after a long time. So folks were obviously paying attention. I got to play w/ a buddy from another server for the first time in more than a year...years? As usual it's a great choice of mods and, especially maps so there's room for everyone. Oh. The new fancy books. Those I hate. Good job Paul (and Jab) and thanks again.
  22. wanderinbilly

    Survivors Mod

    How did those dude get up on the roof? Lol I wonder if they had guns at some point because of the dead zeds in the street. I'd ask if anyone of them wanted to join but...
  23. I do think that there are a ridiculous amount of guns right now but folks still manage to die. I'd prefer hordes of zeds thundering across the landscape and threatening the PVE area. Still, the reset is coming, and it's well known that there will be less guns next chapter. Calling the admin confrontational and petty is just asinine. Honestly. He has 50x the patience that I do and is *always* helpful to players. I heard stories when players came over from other servers, and the crap they talk about doesn't happen on Dead Pixels. This is easily observed if you just hang out of an hour or three - I mean, yeah, it's all in the chat logs but that would be boring. =) I'm guessing that the "hour long tirade of abuse" was w/ a player that he knows well. There are resident trolls of course. If administration is important to you, then this is your server.
  24. wanderinbilly

    Survivors Mod

    This is really a game changing mod: I love it. Please keep tweaking it! Anyway, how do you think that this happened? How would NPCs cause a fire to break out? =\ This is Bedford and it *looks* like the fire came from the SE, but there's mainly forest that way. I was staying up in the mall security station but had to move because of this. Lol
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