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  1. Looks great; I already have made a bunch of gloves items that I never got to releasing, though, since this project kind of stalled. I also made a bunch of other stuff, like skimasks and helmets to protect against infected blod spatter and injury, but decided to let the game mature a bit before I released anything. Some of the things I wanted to do became too difficult/time consuming. But hopefully my PZ interest will flare up again soon
  2. Hi, this was written for a PZ version that is now very old - I have no idea how you should deinstall it because the whole mod system has changed, as I understand it. However, to get rid of naked corpses you might try changing "CorpseMod.Debug = false;" to "CorpseMod.Debug = true;" in the CorpseMod.lua file. That should give you a right-click option 'Clear Markers' which might solve the problem. Can't say for sure, because I haven't tested it for a long time.
  3. I think I understand why the corpses show up now. It happens every time you enter a cell that you'd previously visited and that contains my markers. PZ doesn't reload them with the proper invisibility flags, for some reason. It also explains why I thought I had fixed it, because when I tested it, I never went back and forth between different buildings. Oh, well, I guess I need to rewrite this completely.
  4. Yeah, this isn't for Lots of stuff not working there. The reason gloves won't spawn is because messed with the loot distribution tables. I have made several new types of gloves now: ski gloves spawn in bedrooms. dishwashing gloves in kitchens and latex gloves in medical clinics. Hopefully it will be possible to actually show them on the character some time in the future(because I have made several other protection items as well, like scarfs and skimasks). The reason these artifacts appear is because I use invisible objects to store room definitions and various info about cleanliness etc. Those objects have a naked corpse as the default sprite, hence naken corpse bug. What my mod does now is make sure all current invisible objects are deleted once the game starts. However, it only does this on the *floor you are currently standing*, which might explain why you couldn't get rid of them? Also, if you look at CorpseMod.lua, you'll find, at the top of the file, a value that is called CorpseMod.debug. Replace "false" with "true" there and you'll have a debug option ingame that lets you clear all invisible objects nearby(on the same floor) through a context menu option. Thanks for the feedback and kind words
  5. I always see hoards wandering past there.
  6. I don't think I'm going to lower the chance of infection - it's already very small. I'll try to add a sandbox option - that's a good idea.
  7. I just noticed there is no longer any SuburbsDistributions["bathroom"]["counter"] tables which is why some mods(including my own) won't work. This is possibly also related to only kitchen stuff spawning in there?
  8. I just realized you could use the mouse wheel, though.
  9. Looks great, but with 1000 lines of code we need scrollbars
  10. Thanks. I would also like to see some way of controlling the amount of blood/gore that is splattered. So: - Getter and setter method for blood/gore amount
  11. I'm trying to mark certain items as infected, and I want to do this graphically by, say, making the background where that item is drawn in the inventory a different color(same as what is currently done with refrigerated food). I've explored a couple of options so far. One is to do drawing calls in OnPostUIDraw on the position the particular item is currently drawn. The problem with this is that this position isn't stored anywhere - it's calculated every time the UI is drawn, and this calculation is fairly complex, depending on how the items are sorted etc. So I scratched that. The second option I explored was simply to draw on the texture of the item I want to change, but that isn't possible, afaict. And I'm not sure how I would store the old texture either. So, anyone got any ideas/experience with this...?
  12. Well, I guess I'm doing something wrong. I did a fresh install and I still can't find my gloves or Robo's bobbypins. Odd.
  13. I can't confirm that. The bobby pins in my lockpicking mod seem to spawn fine :/ Really? I searched at least 5 or 6 houses through without finding a single bobby pin or gloves item. This was in the wealthier neighboorhood. Don't know if that matters.
  14. - Getter method for the IsoFloorBloodSplats in the Chunk class (or whatever is necessary to retrieve blood on walls and floors and remove it) - Fix ItemContainer:isInCharacterInventory() or provide another way of checking whether a particular container is in a player's inventory
  15. Here's what I've noticed: - Kitchen stuff in bathroom containers. And no bathroom stuff - Player reacting to dead zombies(panic increasing, sound playing) - Modded items with the new method of importing textures don't spawn - Zombie count still way too high, even on 'low'
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