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  1. "Common knowledge" is an illusion created by the accord of the people. It is just a logic conclusion for things that have many similar characteristics. That is why a man can be described as a "common man" but also be referred as a individual, as a unique. That is also why 5 people will explain things in 5 different ways even if they were taught by the same tutor. That is why 3 painters with the same skill, knowledge and tools will paint differently even if they were asked to paint a common object, for example a vase. The topic at hand people should not be why or why not a system of the sort should be implemented in the game because this decision is reserved to the development team. I think by now the topic of realism has already been covered and we can at least established that it would be neither more or less realistic then one man building a two storey house. I think that it would be more fruitful if we are to debate, as pointed above in what manner should this system be implemented in the game if it would ever be implemented, what would you exclude from it and how would you balance it out in order to suit the games flavor best.
  2. @Connall For GOD sake man, stop derailing the thread in a million ways. Do not try to use mind made statistics as facts to sustain your argument that has little to no importance to the exact issue at hand. Have you ever made that inquiry that you speak of? Have you ever went to a 27 year old, born in the rural area guy that doesn't spend 24 h at the computer and asked him 100 questions about his life and knowledge? And did you follow up that study with another 999 people to make the most minimalistic acceptable average statistic? If you didn't PLEASE DO NOT pull the numbers from your ars because they would just be called fraudulent. You don't even realise that the word "common" is misused so badly that would make someone in the know cry. There is no such thing as common knowledge because people do not have the same life experiences and more importantly understand and define them differently. That is the reason the law books are so thick and many, because in them you will see every term/word defined in order to fill the gaps that those difference in human mind interpretation create. So common knowledge can not exist, you can only speak of similar knowledge, but even then you should be mindful of that terms connotation. Also, if you decide to reply to this post please do this in a good manner because if you only use it to derail the thread more I will not bother to reply. @harakka and Enigma Grey Hope to see you guys more active because it would be a pleasure debating points with more people that can offer good criticism Cheers
  3. @Connall don't say tiring . That's only the mentality that a defeatist might adopt. You should be encouraged by the fact that you have people with who you could debate points in this manner. Don't give up half way because nothing will result from that.
  4. @Connall I do not see how calling someone childish would consist as a insult because I would argue that I was referring to the irresponsible and immature way of responding. I also did not say "I'm not part of this, so you can't touch me." ;if you would have payed more attention to what I said you would understand that I was referring to the for or against arguments. As stated before I am on neither side, but if you find any flaws in my arguments you are welcomed to debate me on them but again, not in a childish and stubborn manner.
  5. @Fj45 Ah the good old stubborn people that cling to their beliefs and ignorance. If you would take the time to get rid of that stubbornness and read again what I posted you might find meaning in the reason I pointed out what I pointed out in the manner that I did. I also fail to see how that post might be arrogant because I do not claim anything in it, I just point what would be obvious things. But I do want to mention that flying dinosaurs that shoot lasers sound rather tempting. @ExcentriCreation I can see that you have very good knowledge about the subject O, and by that post I didn't mean to exclude casting from your discussion, I was just making sure that some people that have less knowledge on the subjects understand that there are differences between the two.
  6. <In his mind> there is no way a home made furnace could reach those degrees, just no way --> argument won <In his mind> What you are pointing out just shows how little you know about working with metals because if you knew better you would understand that the chart that you linked lists the melting point of each metal. In other words, the point at which a metal turns to liquid and any good smith will tell you that he doesn't need to raise temperature that high in order to mold metal into what he wants, not that he couldn't. Melting metal is used when casting and it would be a different technique then forging. Just to add to this, please don't try to drag me into this discussions because I am not arguing neither for or against implementing the system in this game. I am just showing you how flawed your arguments would be in the face of logic and knowledge. Cheers
  7. Why do I see children arguing. There is no reason to argue and there is no reason to use such flawed logic as bases for your arguments. Instead of trying to use the "realistic" approach logic you should think if the idea would be feasible and fun to implement and play with. I am a bit disappointed and worried to see even moderators acting in such a manner and I would advise to any that do not understand what responsibility that position entitles to use a dex or google and seek out the meaning of a moderator. Here are a few fun facts: 1. Building a two storey building is no small feet and it is definitely much more challenging then building a furnace. You would understand that with some basic architectural knowledge; the same thing could be said for a wooden fence that will be able to withstand the force of half a dozen people trying to push it down and certainly, even if you have the knowledge to make it you wouldn't be able to make it in a few hours in the manner depicted in the game. 2. There are very, and I mean very few windows in this days that you can force your way through just by trying to pull on them. Even if you have the right tools for the job, you would still be spending a good amount of time on them (that is if you would exclude breaking the glass). 3. Basic high school physics class knowledge would help you fiddle and repair most common electronics. You could even build a pump that would provide you with water from either your water tanks or wells provided you have a motor (if i understood correctly and the zone that the game takes place in is a rural area there should be wells) 4. Basic high school knowledge chemistry would provide you with enough knowledge of the most common metals.(it would provide someone with the knowledge to make much more interesting things, but I wouldn't want to mention what because I know there are some kids around that would eagerly try them and possible hurt themselves; also you will be able to find quite a few ingredients and tools at your local school if they have a chemistry laboratory class). 5. There is no reason to assume that all the useful people with advance knowledge would die off leaving the common "moron" to defend for himself. Actually it is more plausible to think that people with a very wide skill set would have survived long enough to see so many people become zombies, and the probability of that person to have advance knowledge in some areas would be quite high. 6. Books contain much more knowledge and details then google could provide you with, you just need to get around opening one to figure that out. 7. Nails in a baseball bat will not make it a more deadly weapon, in fact it would create much more inconvenience for the user of that bat when fighting multiple opponents. It is also quite a feet succeeding in getting those nails in the bat in the manner depicted in the game. There would be much more to add but I will leave it just at that for the sake of the people that "love" to read.
  8. The answer is simple, and I could ask you the same thing. Why would you build a house with tables, walls, chests, doors, etc. when there are many to be found empty on the map? We are players, we are playing a game for fun and players always have fun doing different things. Some have fun killing zombies, others have fun exploring, finding loot and some even have fun building or creating things, and I am one of them. My personal opinion is that the crafting system of this game has the greatest potential. It is the opportunity to create objects allowing us to interact with the map and build a place that would suit our character needs while also please our creative nature. We are humans and if we would ever face a situation similar to that in Project Zomboid we would not only be striving for our survival but also thinking one step ahead. Planning for the future, a future where we would possibly prevail and return some semblance of our former lives. Nobody in their daily life does carpentry, smithing, gardening "TO SURVIVE" because we can buy our food, our shovels, our houses. But in Project Zomboid what to us was only a hobby would turn into the means for our survival, we would then acquire knowledge not for a job or money but to endure the crisis, persevere through it and hopefully create a opportunity for a normal, happy life. At least I wouldn't be planning just for the next day or next week. It's fun crafting objects, it's fun farming and building your own property but if you would erase all these things the game would become boring and if the zombies will not succeeded in killing my character then.... I will. If the character won't be able to learn new things to adapt to the zomboid world then he doesn't deserve to live. So, in my opinion, in order to adapt and survive that kind of world acquiring the knowledge and skills to build and repair things and replace or create new stuff is absolutely needed. The impossible isn't about what you can't do but what we, all together, could achieve. So if an engineer can build a furnace then the knowledge must be available creating a opportunity for those who seek it to survive, the science way and that would be an alternative to those who will try to survive just through brute force; fighting, running and looting. I wouldn't want to play just as a warrior only because some players do not see the alternatives that would be just as fun. P.s. Sorry for my gud english, I am italian. I have to agree. You do make a compelling argument.
  9. Why do I see bearded balded men zombies in skirts running around with lipsticks in their pockets? o.O (but onto more important topics...) I might be adding more suggestions but that would most likely depend on how active the devs (or a designated spokesman) will be at engaging the community. I also hope that no one will think that by this I am asking for a preferential treatment of some sort, I am just merely stating what will motivate me personally. Currently I will be surfing this forum for a week or two to make my decision, and who knows I might be adding more suggestions. There is lots of room for improving in this game and it is brimming with potential. In the future I hope that it will get the attention it deserves, but for now it has mine. UI suggestions: A smaller inventory tab view option for the more experienced players. A visual notifier of a unspent attribute point(s). or
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