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  1. We tried to use the -cachedir=C:\Zomboid launch option and it still doesnt work. This is what the log says now. PZ Log.txt
  2. We have tried to reinstall java multiple times, its not that. When he is starting minecraft with java installed and with it removed he gets the same error, its like java doesnt exist on his computer. It is probably like Glitched said, he has a special character "ä" in the name of his user so his user-folder has a special character, which leads to java not running at all.
  3. The game is not installed on the main/os drive but rather on his secondary drive, is it java that he need to install on the other disk or does he need to change the name of his user/user-folder to something without a special character, the character i suspect he has is "ä". Is it possible to change the name of the user-folder?
  4. I have a friend who is not able to start his game, we suspect it has something to to with java since his minecraft (java version) wont start either. We tested to start with legacy version in the beta tab and it worked, but the normal version should work if we consider his specs. Log of the start is below. Thanks in advance! Log_PZM.txt
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