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  1. Thought I'd give an update: 1. It works in multiplayer, and 2. After a restart it looks like this.
  2. Version: 41.73 Tested in Singleplayer, more than likely works in Multiplayer Vanilla New Save - Debug or Old Save required Reproduction Steps: Debug appropriate building materials for testing as well as necessary stats & recipes (Or, work your way up to it!) Build two crates. One stacked on top of another. Build a Bar Counter, Bar Corner, Small/Large Table, or any other furniture that allows stacking of objects on top of it. Build a Crate on top. Repeat steps 3-4, rotating the objects from step 3 as needed. Enjoy your plethora of crates. Have fun scrolling through all of your loot :D Logs.zip has been included for your convenience. I do hope this hasn't been posted already as I've attempted to search for it and, admittedly, it's a bit difficult to search for something that could have such a simple title! logs.zip
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