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  1. Egg Bandage Boy


    Only in relation to refridgerated fresh foods, I mean to include nearly all foods with a few exceptions (such as dry ingredients and perhaps beef jerky).
  2. Egg Bandage Boy


    I would love to have a slider for "zombie response to firearms" and if possible a "food life" slider to include things like chips, chocolate and eventually even canned foods becoming inedible after long periods of time.
  3. 10 months after the end of civilisation and sandwiches are back on the menu at my safehouse. Thanks!
  4. Great addition to the game, RJ. I'm sure it will shake things up in multiplayer, as rivers and lakes become a vital resource after the shops are emptied.
  5. If TIS were a band who would play which instrument? and what would you sound like?
  6. Could just be someone messing around on photoshop.
  7. This was the first I heard about generals 2. I never played tiberium twilight, but the vibe I got was they kinda fudged it. It would be cool to see another C&C tilte though. What I think EA need to do is focus on the basics and just replicate the series at its best points like RA1, Generals and elements of Tiberium wars/Wrath of Kane.
  8. Banned for accusations of animal cruelty and making me post the following disclaimer: the guinea pig in the photo isn't mine! my 2 are running around naked and happy.
  9. Here's a question, whilst we're on this subject: Would the child of a brother and sister pairing be any worse or better, genetically, than the child of a parent and child pairing?
  10. ...who worshipped a potato image of...
  11. ...empty. Needing to be filled with...
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