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    Undefined reacted to Tchernobill in You can add your own moodle easily   
    Moodle Framework allows you to add your very own modded moodle in no time.
    Detailed "how to" is included.
    An exemple is also available with ProteinsMoodle.
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    Undefined reacted to TheDecentTech in Item Searcher - Make Your Character Do the Work!   
    Item Searcher v3.1 is published to the Workshop!
    This update merges a patch from Keenelge, which "Fixed error if items more than 2". Item names should now be pluralized when multiple are found.
    Happy Searching!
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    Undefined reacted to TheDecentTech in Item Searcher - Make Your Character Do the Work!   
    Item Searcher v3 is published to the Workshop!
    * Excluded KeyRing from inventory search (minimizes character message noise)
    * Guarded against an error caused by starting a room search outside of a room (character will say "I'm not in a room to search!")
    Happy Searching!
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    Undefined reacted to TheDecentTech in Item Searcher - Make Your Character Do the Work!   
    First update is published to the Workshop as of a few minutes ago

    * Standardized character messages between search types
    * Slightly increased search time scale per item in container
    * Fixed logic for queuing multiple search types. Previously, queuing search room would clear any inventory and nearby search also queued (due to walk methodology).
    Happy Searching!
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    Undefined reacted to TheDecentTech in Item Searcher - Make Your Character Do the Work!   
    Item Searcher v1 is released to the Steam Workshop!
    This mod adds a UI and convenience features for finding a particular item in a room (or on your person, if you need that kind of assistance! ), by progressively walking to and searching containers.
    You can find demo screenshots on the Workshop page, but in short-- press the '/" button (typically found next to Enter/Return on QWERTY keyboards) to open the UI. Input an item (double-click a table entry if your typed input is ambiguous) and put your feet up while your character does the hard work!
    If you find Item Searcher helpful, please rate and favorite on the Workshop page! If you feel especially motivated, please share this post or links to the Workshop item to let others know Item Searcher exists-- I made this mod because it's exactly the kind of thing I wanted in Project Zomboid when I started playing.
    If you have feedback of any kind, positive or negative, please leave a comment on the Workshop page, or create an issue on GitHub.
    For those especially motivated to share their appreciation and support, I have created a Ko-fi page. Anything you are able to give further enables me to spend time outside of my full-time job to improve Item Searcher, or create other mods that may be enjoyed.
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    Undefined reacted to SAYVS in I remade the Riverside map.   
    The other day I asked for a way to gather all graphical assets in Project Zomboid since I want to improve the visuals of the game.
    As a test, I started with the Riverside Map trying to make it more real.

    Remade Version

    Actual Version

    You'll probably see that I added icons for all the interesting places and even tried to "name" the roads/streets. I did it because imho a real map will inform the "user" with all this stuff, so I don't think it would be unrealistic if the player has all this info on the map.
    First of all, I want to know if you guys like it. If that's the case, I can work on the rest of the maps in a similar way. Personally, I think every map should have at least an original or tweaked style, since different companies or comporations would print different maps with different designs. I even fantasized with the idea of designing outdated, vintage maps or even more crazy ideas :D
    I'm a Graphic Designer and a UI/UX Designer. I tried to apply for a job at Indie Stone years ago and the team told me that in a lot of cases they gather new employees just by roaming around and discovering modders, so I think I'll try to work my ass off doing as much improvements as I can on the graphical part (for example, aside from maps, it would be awesome to improve the car HUD/Front Panel) so in the future I can at least show what I'm capable of.
    Finally, all feedback will be well received and I'll present corrected versions if necessary.
    Thanks in advance!
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    Undefined reacted to Hugo Qwerty in Is there a way to modify the attribute of an item that already spawned?   
    Would this work?

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    Undefined reacted to Hugo Qwerty in First time creating a mod. I'm trying to override Recipe.OnCreate.UpgradeSpear, but get "Error 0" when loading into saved game.   
    The vanilla function is in /server/ rather than /client/, so you should probably do likewise.

    If that doesn't fix it, can you post the stack trace from the console?
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    Undefined reacted to Hugo Qwerty in Need help understanding Recipe.OnCreate.UpgradeSpear   
    IIRC, it's just the ingredients of the recipe, so that would be the spear, weapon and duct tape.

    You can confirm this by adding a print call within either of the for loops, e.g.

    print( items:get(i):getType() )
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    Undefined got a reaction from Pandorea in [41.71] Ingredient images for meals inside a cooking container are small   
    > Version: 41.71
    > SP/MP: Single player
    > Solo/Host/Dedicated: Solo
    > Mods: None
    > New/Current Save: Either
    > Reproduce: Not possible, it's just how it is
    I figured this is just how the game renders them and was trying to mod it to make it bigger, but someone suggested that I report this as a bug.
    I was told to include my font settings, so here they are:
     * Inventory Container Button Size: Large
     * Font Size: 3x
     * Context Menu Font: Large
     * Inventory Font: Large
     * Tooltip Font: Large

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