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  1. It seems that when starting a game, having 12 months later setting enabled and you choose the pre-made Erosion speed option from the box and leave the next field to zero - it will make everything instantly into maximum erosion. But when you type in your own number, it will use that value correctly. Won't respawn plants either way after the peak erosion days is met and you have removed plants after that.
  2. Are they supposed to grow back after reaching the peak erosion day as well?
  3. Tested it every way possible and seems like after removing grass and trees the erosion mechanic won't spawn any new vegetation to fill those empty patches.
  4. I want occasional large trees here and there on town zones. Anyone got ideas?
  5. Lets say I am making a huge zone across two world cells vs. a small zone. Do they give out the same amount of foraging goods? It goes for all type of zones - Nav, vegetation, forest, farmland etc etc.
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