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  1. I'm Getting these errors Also my game is unresponsive
  2. v0.5.1 bobby pin still has no icon. I'm using windows 7. Help
  3. Can I dismantle stairs too? coz I'm thinking of something with my fort
  4. That's wicked sick! But I bet they will keep coming.
  5. Hey, I can't see weather icon. It only shows up for about half a second during the start of the game.
  6. I don't think there's "happily ever after" in the game 'coz zeds will deliberately search for you wherever you are, even if you're in NW farm. I tried living there once but after at least a couple of weeks, a massive horde just suddenly showed up from nowhere.
  7. Sorry I thought that was for me. Nice question though
  8. ... Multiplayer is possible and will be implemented in the future No time frame. How many Coffees do you drink per day? Said by whom? I prefer milk. Why?
  9. Is PZ multiplayer possible? And when will it be implemented?
  10. Ahh I'll probably just be the one..err.. who constantly sneaks out to steal your supplies or lure hordes towards your fort ... Just KIDDING! But seriously, its pretty lonely in Muldraugh Need fellow survivors
  11. Well I am. I'm surviving for over a month now using .. I have no complain with zeds and still will have no problem even if the devs reduce zed numbers in the future releases
  12. Be cautious when some when weird music plays while doing carpentry and crafting jobs. From my observation, this usually means zeds are nearby and they are sensing what you are doing. So always keep your eyes peeled. As possible choose a 2 story safehouse, barricade all doors and windows in the first floor and make use of the sheetrope for the second floor. When defending your fort, use melee weapons for taking out few zeds. Use a gun for luring away larger number of zeds. Be careful when doing so.
  13. Yeah. Same for Chicken Cassirole Are you sure about the Chicken Casserole? Haven't tried recently but it had a thumbnail in Oh & you can still make good food out of rotten ingredients. Today I cut up a rotten watermelon & got fresh watermelon slices I'm pretty sure about it in Btw Casserole takes a lot of ingredient for jut one meal in exchange for high hunger reduction If only I could slice it into pieces so I could consume it wisely. I thought you'd be glad about it? ;D
  14. I agree with Lothar. Zeds are pretty much easy to dodge and can always be lured by gunshots
  15. First open the window then add the sheet ropes. Edit: Place the sheet ropes in your main inventory, open the window and right click it then you will see the "add sheet rope" option. And yeah you need 1 nail just like Suomiboi said.
  16. PZ multiplayer - where fellow survivors are more notorious than zombies
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