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  1. 357. Just a small detail but when buildings are burned out, it is impossible to see anything inside cuz the ground and walls are literally black
  2. weird... Maybe the zombie killed you with its mind powers...
  3. So you were at perfect health and a zombie hit you three times and you died right after those three hits?
  4. Would it be possible to implement Thuztor's "Horizon Clock" into the game so that your character can judge the time of day or night using the Sun or moon when a watch or clock is unavailable? If a character acquires a clock item then it could replace the horizon clock Link to steam workshop of horizon clock- http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=498643301&searchtext=horizon+clock
  5. Awesome work guys but I still have to state the importance of a run button on the controllers. I've argued for this alongside other people on the steam forums and I was just wondering if the devs have been notified. Right now, ONE thumbstick button determines three actions, walking, running, and sneaking/aiming. A start flick could get you killed and that is not good at all. I would say to put the aim/sneak button to the left trigger since I cannot seem to figure out what that one is for. This way, fps players could use aim like in any other game using this trigger and the left thumbstick won't be so sensitive.
  6. Still works for me... Did you install it wrong?
  7. Eya, the LuaNet folder should also go in the pz mods folder (its a seperate mod that is required by apcom). OHHHHH!!! Thanks!
  8. WHHHHYYYYYY????!!!!
  9. How do I delete this map from the game? I just want to play some multiplayer servers who are on vanilla...
  10. This is a really noob question but how do I install this? I know I have to put the Apcom file into PZ mods but I don't know what to do with the LuaNet file
  11. Count Awesome


    I don't really get the guide from number 2 down. Can someone explain it to me a little bit clearer?
  12. Count Awesome


    Could you include dates to the updates because I'm confused if I have the latest version? When did you guys update this to v1.6
  13. Does not work with Build 25.
  14. Any screenshots? I LOVE Dark Souls
  15. Count Awesome

    Help! Please.

    Ok, but if the file is .tbx? Idk. Post this question on the steam forums for Project Zomboid. Your question will probably be answered
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