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  1. I used to adore this game... for the past few years I've just been watching it, checking on the status of NPCs (if any) now and then. but at this point though, I feel like there is more than a 50/50 chance that they will never actually get released. Still hopeful though.
  2. http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/192-commonly-suggested-suggestions-read-before-posting/
  3. could just be its own thing like thick skinned or sleepyhead
  4. Have you seen the NPCs videos? The devs are delaying the NPCs because of that reason and they play better than a player sometimes. i havent. is there new npc videos? i cant find any on youtube. i mean recent npc development videos. the most recent ones are a year old afaik. would be nice if they released more, but maybe im just greedy
  5. only too well as for the KOS discussion, im hoping there will be a sort of invisible karma system implemented, where if you are a dick to other NPC's or animals or whatever then maybe perhaps you get KOS'd by a passerby or in your sleep
  6. How do you expect a 13 year old to make a server or buy one with little to no cash you can host a server without renting one, assuming you have access to your router's control panel
  7. not to mistake these forums for the youtube comments section, but i found it very irritating that most/all of the canadians, upon selecting, exclaimed something to the effect of that they had chosen the "right" one and not the "tastier" one, as if the origin of the dish is of greater importance than the appeal of the food itself. and i thought people here in america were suppsed to be the hubristic ones
  8. i can see your frustration with the ominous feedback loop of expectations getting higher, making the project take longer, increasing expectations, making the project take longer, and so on. its sort of like rockets - to launch a certain amount of mass, you need a certain amount stored energy contained in fuel. fuel has mass, meaning the total mass has now increased, meaning more fuel is required, and that fuel has mass, etc. but there comes a point when there is enough fuel in the rocket such that as it burns, the mass decreases enough for the remaining fuel to carry the payload. the result, needless to say, is spectacular. i think this analogy fits this situation rather nicely. how about you?
  9. the font change did it for me such an addition might also warrant the creation of new traits. something like "crybaby - makes a bigger fuss when in pain" and "tough - makes a smaller fuss when in pain"
  10. I find it rather odd that the only wailing that ever occurs in the game is found at the time of death (if said death occurs via zombie attack). On top of being very easy to implement (although it might warrant some additions to the game's sound library), it would add to the realism and atmosphere if the player cried out in pain upon taking injury. smaller things like cutting yourself on a broken window or getting "bruised" in a zombie encounter could have a reduced chance of eliciting a yelp and/or result in milder vocalizations. meanwhile, more serious injuries (zombie bites/scratches, falling, gunshot wounds, etc) could cause a more severe response, and attract more attention from nearby zombies. this idea could even be expanded to include little grunts and whatnot as you vault over fences and complete otherwise strenuous tasks. think, how cool would it be if you could hear your character wisper obsceneties under his/her breath as they sterilize a wound? or walk near a corpse? and of course i deeply apologize if this has been suggested before, etc etc, yadda yadda yadda
  11. the mechanic seems like its trying to solve a problem that doesnt exist. add to the suspense of a threatening situation? i think we can all agree that project zomboid already has that in spades. seems like the only thing it would do is add the potential of death without any fault of the player.
  12. i feel pretty stupid for taking this seriously for a whole 25 seconds
  13. they could always make it a sandbox option.
  14. but why allow the player to have any "free points" at all? the only way the player should be allowed "free points" is by taking unemployed (or an inexpensive occupation anyway).
  15. the solution: when a zombie cluster/horde reaches a large enough size, it will begin actively roaming the map, looking for players. I believe this was a feature oh-so-long ago. i have no idea why it was removed, it was great. there needs to be a "horde ai" that hunts around at random. this would add to the tension as well. picture this: one morning, when you were planning to go out on a food run, you peek outside your window to discover a horde had wandered in front of your house overnight. you get trapped inside, praying it doesnt find you and destroy your safehouse. but you cant wait forever.
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