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  1. Version 41.73 Singleplayer No mods when testing to confirm, but behaviour also present in clothing mods Replication steps: Equip a hat/hoodie/any item of clothing with more than one variation (baseball cap visor forwards or backwards, for example) and either unequip then re-equip the hat or acquire a second then equip that one. Say for example, you have a baseball cap on your head and you're wearing it backwards, if you unequip or re-equip the same hat or get a second baseball cap and then equip this one, it'll equip it forwards. The same can be said for hoodies. Equip a hoodie with the hood down, unequip the hoodie, then double click that same hoodie. It'll now be worn with the hood up. This same behaviour is applicable to almost every clothing type I can find, even modded items. For example, a modded military webbing with two states, tight & loose. Equip said military webbing as loose, then you unequip it and later re-equip it, it'll now be applied to your character as tight. Hope that's enough information I can post some pictures if that helps, please let me know.
  2. 41.73 Singleplayer New save No mods Wear a hoodie with any item that takes up the jacket slot (shell suit jacket, leather jacket, jacket etc.) and the clipping/invisiblity on the hood becomes visible. Happens on both male and female characters, but I've attached a picture of the female model where it's more visible.
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