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  1. You already can play multiplayer. It's just on Build 40 instead of Build 41.
  2. In the average Zomboid playthrough, firearms are often thrown to the wayside for 2 major reasons. Players don't pick the professions/traits to use them, and they attract hordes easily due to their loud sound. However, there are some situations where alerting a horde is something the player may want to do, or they are passing through an area and need to shoot their way through a group of zombies and leave quickly, such as raiding a store in a high density area in West Point. With the addition of VHS tapes, I think it would be a balanced addition to include a Firearm Skill VHS tape, that gives the player a comparable amount of skill in Aiming to an episode of a Life & Living TV show. This will allow players who find the tape to gain enough basic proficiency in firearms that they can use shotguns, without expending as much ammunition, which is often scarce. I think adding skill books for Aiming or Reloading would be a little unrealistic, but watching a VHS that teaches you the very basics of firearm handling would make sense. You could name it something like 'Gun Safety 101' or 'Police Department Firearm Training' or something to that effect. Make it give out 75-100 XP over a few ticks. If we don't add an Aiming Skill VHS, when B41 releases, we'll have players running all over multiplayer servers shooting shotguns like this. Is that what we want?
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