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  1. I had a zombie break half of one of my gates (one square worth). Dropped a doorknob, a nail and plank. The rest of the gates still work. Open and close etc, but I cannot repair the gates without destroying the whole thing and building it all over again. This would make sense if the whole set of gates had been destroyed but three quarters of it is still there and working, so repair seems the most logical expectation.
  2. I can only build a composter outside on a dirt square, but I can then pick it up and move it into my indoor farm. Would be sane to be able to make a wooden box anywhere even in stupid places.
  3. So picture this... having a quiet morning, character is sitting on the floor in the MP base grind reading skill books while I'm AFK doing life, I check in every so often, top up water and food... grind more reading. Come back to a screen showing the New Character/Quit buttons and in the background is the smoking ruins of the base. Generator failure... complete burn of everything. Food, weapons, ammo, medicine, library of VHS/magazines/skill books scrounged from half the map, spare fuel, supplies, tools, even part of the garden. Weeks of work. Not least of which was the character and all their gear. Now I have to break it to my team mate... so he doesn't spawn into the crater and have a stroke. I'm fascinated by how many different ways this game can knock me down.... this is easily the biggest kick in the guts yet.
  4. I picked up a Dark industrial sink then broke the cabinet it was sitting on(unintentionally as I wanted the cabinet)... and could not drop the sink from my inventory. However, I could right click on it in my inventory and disassemble it while it was in my inventory. This caused my character to equip the welding mask, but not unequip my helmet like normal (so I ended up with both equipped) it also did not play the propane torch disassembly animation... I think it played the tailoring animation. However it did get rid of the sink that I was stuck with, so I'm not over encumbered anymore.
  5. Bunch of vehicle mods... so probably to blame... but still illustrates a glitch that could be improved. So, I find a nice looking vehicle that seems to have spawned on top of some trees. When I approach the vehicle is at normal ground level but appears to be imposed over some trees. When I entered the vehicle, it started to shake and freak out like a bad physics system trying to resolve two objects overlapping. Then the vehicle starts to jack into the air on top of the trees. I can still exit the vehicle normally, but then its up in the air and I cannot get back in. Below is a screen shot of a particularly stupid example. This is in the vehicle impound at the west end of Riverside. I have not tried cutting the trees down yet as I have no idea which way the van will fall. In summary, trees should no be stronger than a truck. Perhaps some code to test for collision when spawning?
  6. Loaded up an on going game that has been running earlier in the day and there is a black stripe through the world that I cannot penetrate. It cuts off the front of the house an the road out front. I can see something on the far side which seems to be about the right map bits that I would expect... just a big chasm has appeared. See pics. The game seems to know the chasm is "something" because my character cannot walk through it even when I know that the area in front of him should be clear. He just gets stopped at the edge. I have a bunch of car mods and a few QOL mods but no map mods. The game has been stable for a few weeks. After a reboot all was well.
  7. Push mowers would be fun. There is a similar thread in the suggestions forum. Could finally recreate the scene from "Rapture-Palooza(movie)" if we could get ride-on lawnmowers with zombies. Here is a mod for rideon mowers https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2771297715
  8. RV Interiors have done it for trailers/vehicles, so it should be quite possible. https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=2822286426
  9. That's an interesting idea. Kind of like the witcher with the mutagens from monsters. And a bit from "Warm bodies(movie)" - taking on the memories of the dead when you eat their brain. Could be fun to play with the idea of "how much" until you become a monster yourself.
  10. I agree duh7. New players are going to have to learn to survive in PZ. My point is that there is a fine line between making a game challenging and frustrating for a new player or just catering to experienced players. There has to be a bridge for new players to get a foothold and start to gain experience. The learning curve can be pretty brutal in PZ. However, I think that there is a big difference between the solo long form game and a coop game. In a solo game, you are alone. You need to struggle to survive and the map gives you just enough to keep you exploring. Learning and frustration are very much the substance of the game. Its a long form game. Either the new player is hooked or they are not. In a coop game, when you only have a certain window of time when you and your friends are able to play together, the co-op game only really starts when you are "together" and co-operating. Its the co-operative experience that is the substance of the co-op game play. Giving the co-op players a few tools to help them get from "spawned somewhere randomly" to "co-op" fun times is probably a good way to foster the co-op play and let players start to work together without wasting too much of their play session fumbling around. No one likes the fumble and stuffing around with mods and settings to eat into their play time. Having yet another obstacle once you have spawned before you can get together with your mates and do some actual playing is just another barrier to entry. There are other games with a much faster setup time than a multi-player PZ. At least in L4D I can cover a new player and show them around a bit before they meet the locals. For players who are looking to play a much longer form of the PZ game, these map tools are irrelevant. But for people who just want to roll up a quick play session with their mates, or introduce a new friend to PZ... the current map makes it almost impossible. It takes an incredible amount of time and immersion breaking behaviour to "find" a new player who has spawned "somewhere" and get them to the saftey of a team where they can learn from experienced friends. A new player spawning into a PZ game with more experienced players is going to have a really crappy time trying to get their bearings, learn the game, find transport, not die and join up with their friends all while their friends essentially "wait" for them. This is not fun for the new player and makes the co-op experience a bit of a downer. I think its probably hard for the developers to be able to see the game through the eyes of a new player. I imagine they are all seasoned players. This game makes the "onboarding" process for a new player quite difficult. There are lots of pointless obstacles that a new player has to get over before they can even experience the core gameplay and decide if they like it. These obstacles for new players are multiplied in co-op play. You only get one chance to make a good first impression on a new player. Giving them an easy path to "get playing with their friends" is essential. Set up a "Sane defaults" option that will get a game going and the team all spawned together (or knowing where each other is on the map) would make this game more approchable. (not fun, just approchable for a new player) None of this is commentary on how the game works for experienced players. They are already hooked and will put up with all sorts of obstacles to get their PZ fix. It does raise the question however, about the how "niche" the game development team wants to stay. Do they actually want to make the game approchable to new players? There is always a "hard core" rump in any "hard" game community that wants to keep it just for themselves and becomes hostile to "newbies" with obstacles and insider language and gating behaviours. But without new players... all games die.
  11. Not sure if using brandnames/trademarks would be a solid idea but certainly locations "inspired by" could add some Points of Interest. Its not that the map is lacking for random industrial locations at the moment, so what would these add that is unique or visit worthy? Fireworks are an interesting idea that has floated around for a while. Hydrocraft seems to have firecrackers. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/changelog/498441420?p=9 I think being able to visit a fireworks factory would be pretty motivating for a PZ raid. Even if its just for supply of powder for ammo. Being able to "accidentally" chain react the whole place would be pretty spectacular too. Especially if it was full of Zeds.
  12. I have to say that stunlocking is not something that I'm against. Its horrifying and as a player I feel helpless when its happening, and I get to watch the character that I have invested in be dragged down and killed and there is nothing I can do about it. At the same time, I'm cursing myself for doing the stupid thing that got me in the situation. Usually its over-confidence or laziness for not checking a door as I know I should have. The other one is where I "over extend" and go for just a little bit more loot when I'm already exhausted or over loaded when I should have done the cautious but time-costly choice and taken what I had and left. Removal of player agency in that moment is a very powerful feature of the game that is not being recognised. Its disturbing and meaningful. The fact that it bothers so many players shows just how complex those few moments can be. Stunlocking is genuinely something to fear, no matter how well armoured the character is, because mobs should be something to fear. Watching streamers duck and weave between zombies without any fear turns the game from a "seconds from death" nailbiter to a cute ballet. I would like a bit more variation in zombies movement speed. If they had the ability to lunge or make short (three steps) dashes, they would get a lot more respect at close quarters and this would click back into being a horror game than what it currently is. Kiteing a mob should be the most high risk thing in the game. Having zombie's dash from the kite mob at random would mix it up.
  13. I have been having a weird effect where I'm being chased by a few zeds and after I duck out of sight or around cover, I can duck back ... and they are just gone. Then after a little while, I will find them again about where I expected them to be last time. Its like they ghosted right past me simply because I was out of sight for a bit. I have had this happen in open fields with just a barbed wire fence when I manage to get enough lead on them that they fall behind... then I circle back to ambush them and ... no zeds.... Then after some searching back and forth... tada... there they are. Sometimes in an area I have literally walked through moments before or had clear line of sight on the whole time. No idea how to reproduce this and yes it could be some mod totally unrelated... I have the exta zoom levels turned on so not sure if there is some disparity between my zoom level "overview" and the "view distance" even when the zeds are in line of sight which is creating the miss match between what I think I should be able to see and what the game thinks I can see. Still, it does keep me guessing when playing hide and seek with Zeds.
  14. I discovered the ESC key by accident. The book reading still feels like its should be simpler to exit in general. I would like to be able to exit it from the inventory screen via a right click menu or by an other action that I start, not just movement. Such as equipping items, eating etc.
  15. Not sure. I saw this same behaviour in the MP game when we had no mods installed. The fake dead zombie just appeared fully upright but I was able to back away that time. I have added various mods since and have not encountered any other fake dead zombies until this event, so have not had much experience with them. I have been racking my memory trying to remember if I was distracted or something, but I still don't think so. As far as I can remember, the zombie was on the floor on its back and then it was upright and I was getting bitten. I had just walked up to it with the intention of looting it, so I may have missed some animated movment, but I was pretty fixated on what I was doing to get in range to get the inventory to trigger. The only factor I am wondering about is what zoom level I was at. I may have been zoomed out too far and missed the detail of the animation.
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