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  1. Another update for everyone who is following along! We've made some real progress this week, so please enjoy a sneak peak at a few more locations! We also did some in-game testing of our swamp tiles, which to traverse through you have to trudge through knee deep water, which makes you incredibly vulnerable- but you can also drive through it at reduced speeds! As always we're still looking for anyone interested in helping out!
  2. Just providing a small update! Some of our mappers are focusing on specific chunks and fleshing out different zones, experimenting with building styles that are both old and new world! One of the cooler things of note is that it contains a closer look at some of the marsh areas- which are very distinct looking, and unlike really any of the areas of the base game map. Here's a small selection of the work they've been doing, but there still is a lot ahead of us! If anyone is interested in joining in to lend a hand or learning a little about mapping hands on, feel free to join the discord!
  3. Thanks so much for the offer! Feel free to drop into our discord and ping the server owner (peacel0ck#2047)! The discord link is: https://discord.gg/cqAyfdPpBp
  4. Thank you so much, I'll definitely post more updates and progress as we get closer to launch.
  5. Hello! Currently our team of hard-working mappers are working on an entirely custom map that will only be available for the newest wipe of our extremely dedicated RP server, Project: Paradise. As opposed to the incredibly detailed but generally temperate climates that most custom maps are comprised of, this map is a never before seen slice of central Mexico 300 years in the future that is primarily comprised of sprawling deserts and dangerous marshes. We have an active community of players, hitting our server capacity most nights, as well as an incredibly talented team of modders, loremasters and other mappers. Additionally, we have planned collaborations with several content creators so the hard work these creative people are crafting will have the opportunity to be seen by a large number of people around the world. We're currently looking for more people interested in mapping to help contribute to our upcoming project, even those who don't have any prior experience. We have an experienced team willing to teach interested contributors the basics and onwards if they have any interest. Beyond just mappers we're also looking for modders, voice actors, and 3D modelers. If you have any interest please swing on by our discord and see what we've been working on, or even check out our current season titled 'Project: Pariah', which is set in a modded Raven's Creek that is currently under siege by dangerous entities. Alternatively, you can also reach out to our server lead and head developer peacel0ck on discord with any questions as well! Please enjoy this sneak peek into what we're working on, and have a great day! Discord Link: https://discord.gg/cqAyfdPpBp Project Lead Discord: peacel0ck#2047
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