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  1. • Version? 41x • Singleplayer/Multiplayer? Multiplayer (possible single player too, but not as relevant) • Host or dedicated? Both • Mods? None • Old or new save? Any • Reproduction steps: 1. Start game. 2. Add 5 items to a container. 3. Check logs expecting to see +5 in logs. 4. Instead see +0 whenever adding to a container. Why is this a concern? In a multiplayer server admins try to keep track of items going into and out of containers, such as donated food or supplies. Whenever someone adds to a container it always shows +0 in the logs, so they might take out 50 of an item and put back 25, but we cant see the +25. Example In the attached image, the player removed RiceVinegar and put it back, then removed OilVegetable, and put it back. But we only see +0 instead of +1 as expectd. Note: The "floor" works properly though, showing both + and - amounts. Thank you for looking into this. If this were changed to show proper quantities the admins of the PZ servers out there will have alot easier job
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