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  1. Let us access map items (Muldraugh Map, West Point Map, etc...) from the quick map radial menu (the one that pops up when you hold the M key). I like playing with the world map option turned off in the sandbox options (for the sake of realism) and I think being able to quickly read regional maps from your inventory using the radial menu would be a very good improvement.
  2. It's controlled by "Project Zomboid\media\lua\server\Items\Distributions.lua" I think.
  3. The file you are looking for is map_sand.bin
  4. I agree, it would be a good thing for players and zombies to be able to cross these obstacles.
  5. It would be a very cool and useful crafting recipe if we could create our own improvised torches for illumination when exploring and looting after the power runs out. The player could use a knife or an axe in order to shorten the length of a tree branch, then cover one of the tips with a bunch of ripped clothing and tie them in place using one or two strips of leather, then add gasoline or whiskey as fuel. Maybe they could be used as weapons too if equipped in the primary slot instead of the secondary, being able to start fires and burn zombies or structures.
  6. The way the formula that calculates the final condition for a spear with an additional weapon attached to it is causing unintended behavior. Spears with attachments never receive full condition upon crafting even if both weapons used in the crafting are in full condition. The highest amount of durability received is usually about half of the maximum even when both weapons used to craft it are in maximum condition themselves. The culprit are the following lines inside recipecode.lua: The problem is that the base crafted spear has a lower maximum condition than all of the spears with attachments, the same being also true for many of the blades used, yet the formula uses direct additions and subtractions instead of ratios. The ideal solution would be instead to take the proportion of the condition of the spear in relation to it's max condition [conditionMax = items:get(i):getCondition() / items:get(i):getConditionMax()], then do the same for the blade [conditionMax = conditionMax - math.abs( items:get(i):getCondition() / items:get(i):getConditionMax() - 1 )] and use the result to multiply for the maximum condition of the final spear [conditionMax = result:getConditionMax() * conditionMax] in order not to have inconsistencies while converting between different maximum conditions.
  7. Ridick

    41.73 Released

    Only when the radio spawns as 'on', right? It did be pretty silly if radios that were turned off also had their battery totally drained. xD
  8. Putting a whole metal locker inside of your backpack sure isn't realistic, but I think the problem there is the size of the object rather than it's weight. A heavy but small object (like a car battery or a sledgehammer) should still fit inside of a backpack.
  9. I agree with this. Not being able to see anything yourself while zombies can still see you from 20 tiles away is not fun. Currently the way I get around this issue is by adjusting the sandbox settings so that zombies are less active at night (which is not fully realistic because it also affects their hearing, but still better than being spotted in pitch blackness) and setting the FogFX to minimum (that way the fog never gets thick enough that it should impact their vision).
  10. If you left-click outside of the inventory, that will close the inventory. I do think they should add a mention of that in the tutorial though.
  11. I did saw a lot of PSAs about that on television as a kid during storm seasons, they would tell us to add one drop per liter. Also the new system for transferring fluids/liquids between containers will allow players to freely mix liquids even if their character doesn't exactly know what they are doing, so it would be realistic if a tiny dose of bleach inside a rainwater-barrel made the water inside become clean.
  12. Sodium hypochlorite, the active ingredient in bleach, is a powerful anti-microbial agent and can be used for disinfecting unclean water in a pinch, it is safe to drink it in very small amounts when it is heavily diluted. The EPA officially recommends it's use for water purification in emergency situations. Source: https://www.epa.gov/ground-water-and-drinking-water/emergency-disinfection-drinking-water Reasons why this would be a cool addition to the game: *It's realistic. *It's a thing that survivalists and preppers in general learn how to do. *Plays well with the upcoming fluid containers system. *Gives more utility to bleach besides being something just for cleaning up bloodstains and killing yourself with. *Gives players an additional method for obtaining clean water, thus adding more depth to the survival aspect of the game.
  13. So, I have taken a more throughout look at the crafting tree and can confirm that there is no recipe to chip a stone, the wiki also confirms this by listing direct foraging as the only source of chipped stones.
  14. I couldn't find the option to do that on the crafting menu or on the right click menu when clicking on the stones. Maybe I'm stupid and the option is somewhere else though. :/
  15. Well, that's a shame. Thanks still.
  16. I like to play with the 8-hours-per-day setting, but one thing I have noticed is that Flashlights and such will still go out way too quickly. The large flashlight, for example, will last only about 10 in-game minutes on each battery. This feels unrealistic, I still have an old incandescent light bulb flashlight from the 90s which I used plenty and it will last 2 hours before I have to change the batteries and much longer if used on the low-power setting. In my opinion, the duration of flashlights, lighters, matches, candles and light-bulbs really should scale with the time setting or at least have their own slider on the sandbox settings that players can use to tweak it separately.
  17. Can't you copy the map from the base game files and overwrite the whole cell with an identical replica except for the part you wanted to modify? Also, does anyone know where the map files are located inside the game folder? I have tried very hard to find them, but could not. Google searches on the subject are being of no help either. Someone please help.
  18. I built several "double-width" (i.e. two staircases right besides one another) inside my fort for aesthetic reasons and to make my building look more unique, but as you can see from the screenshot, the top rooms on these double stair case systems don't count as sealed from the outside even though they are otherwise fully sealed. I spent many hours breaking walls, floors, roofs and pillars and rebuilding rooms while looking at the IsoRegions window and can 100% confirm that this bug is being caused by double staircases. PS: I tried to upload a screenshot showcasing the issue twice, but it failed for some reason. Here you can see it on Imgur: https://i.imgur.com/wrHGX0z.png
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