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  1. GOG version is DRM free, but you won't be able to access the Steam Workshop where most of the mods for the game are available. Otherwise they are identical.
  2. The loot is not the issue. If 99.99% of the population of a real-world town were to suddenly die, then there actually would be extremely abundant supplies of preserved food available everywhere, specially on the initial weeks of the event. What isn't realistic is people resorting straight to cannibalism when historically humans would only do it as the last option. Reducing the loot to justify the cannibals would make the game less realistic, not more. You don't need to take my word for it, I beg you that go through any article or book detailing the history of human cannibalism; you will notice that generally it only happens during prolonged periods of mass starvation such as sieges and famines. Often times, even during notable great famines, there are still no reports of cannibalism. Current day Yemen, for example, has been under siege by Saudi Arabia for years on end and is currently experiencing a famine so bad that tens of thousands of children are dying every year, yet despite this dire situation I still can't find a single news report of cannibalism happening in the country as I search for it. Even in regard to primitive tribes that practice cannibalism as part of their rituals, anthropologists agree that it is a very rare practice and in the few cases where it happens it is done for symbolic reasons, not nutritional. In my humble opinion, cannibalism just shouldn't happen until at least some months or years into the infection. It just doesn't fit the overall level of realism that the game currently enjoys (which is one of the best aspects of the game, and something I deeply believe should be built upon). There just isn't any realistic reason for people to do it, If there were significant amounts people in the general population that have a deep craving for human flesh to the point where they would immediately do it on the first opportunity, then cannibalism wouldn't be a rare oddity, but something that happens constantly and that you would see reports of in the TV every other week just like other more mundane violent crimes, such as rape, torture and murder.
  3. Where did you get that idea from? As far as I know cannibalism is extremely rare and generally only practiced by serial killers with severe mental illnesses (like Jeffrey Dahmer) or as part of bizarre and very unusual rituals (The funeral ceremonies of the Fore tribes of Papua New Guinea being the only recent example that comes to mind). I have never heard of a single historical case of human cannibalism motivated by hunger where people didn't ran out of food weeks beforehand.
  4. Recently a new transmission has been added to the radio that is internally titled 'Kanibals', it hints at the existence of a group of heavily armed cannibals that lure other survivors into a military base in order to kill and eat them. Look, I loved the basement scene in The Road just as much as anyone else, but it is very hard to justify a group of people resorting to predatory cannibalism literally days after the apocalypse. I mean, there are actual tonnes of non-perishable food everywhere that can be easily looted, there is just no good rationale for hunting and eating fellow survivors instead. Maybe a single survivor could engage in such a behavior because he is a crazy and twisted psychopath, but having an entire group of people becoming cannibals that early on in the zombie apocalypse just isn't coherent with the level of realism that the game currently has going for it. I do think that cannibalism can be implemented into the game in an interesting way, such as the player being able to engage in it if he has the right traits or if a small group of people do it a few months after the Knox Event, but not right away like this.
  5. Yeah that's dumb. Just because you have a phobia it doesn't mean that you can't be a courageous person. Also, maybe the adrenaline junkie trait should just be renamed or reworked to make more sense. I mean, if you start moving faster when you are scared that doesn't mean you are a thrill seeker it just means that when you get scared you really run for your life (which is most people in real life tbh). Maybe it should be called "Fight or Flight" instead.
  6. This is correct. If you leave the peak multiplier at a very low level and visit a new location after the peak day, say Louisville for example, then when you arrive there you will find very few zombies even if your starter multiplier was high.
  7. I really like the realism and simulation aspect of it all, there is something about such a free-form open world that offers so much freedom to explore and experiment to the player that is highly appealing. I'm also a big fan of post-apocalyptic settings and the survival and exploration aspects of the gameplay feel engaging and enjoyable to me. To be honest I'm not entirely happy about how you can lose gigantic amounts of progress due to even minor mistakes, but I'm more than willing to acquiesce to the permadeath in order to enjoy all of the interesting things that this game has to offer.
  8. The game uses a cell system to manage the zombies, each cell is a 300x300 tiles grid and zombies periodically migrate and move around inside of their cells (if you have migration turned on). Cells are inactive until the player chunk touches them (the player chunk refers to a 175x175 tiles area centered on the current player location where the game simulates things with a higher accuracy), this means that zombies will only start to spawn on an area once the player is at a certain distance from it, but after the cell is active zombies can still migrate and respawn even if you are far away. Zombies tend not to migrate outside of their cells unless they are chasing the player or investigating sounds. Zombies will never despawn on their own, but they can migrate around and become weaker and slower over time depending on your settings on the 'zombies' tab of the sandbox options. So: Q1 Only near you. Q2 Yes Q3 The multipliers are global, the only variable is time. Any time the game spawns zombies it will look at your base zombie settings times your base multiplier and then consider how many days it has been since the start of the game. Suppose your start mult is 1x and your peak mult is 2x and peak day is day 10, then on day 1 the game will spawn 1x your zombie pops * your base multiplier, then on day 5 it will spawn 1.5x times that and on day 10 and later it will spawn 2x that. All of this applies to zombies that are respawning as well as zombies that are spawning for the first time in a cell. Q4 You just have to apply the formula and consider what day it is. Base pop * Pop mult * Mult for the day Q5 Yes, the game does remember all of the individual zombies and records them on your saved games. They are divided on a cell basis and can be found on the "zpop" files inside the saved game folder.
  9. Good vid. I wonder how the distribution would be for zombies with tough health.
  10. Bro I just explained to you in detail how this stuff works like two days ago tf xD
  11. Personally I have made the most progress in learning how to mod by tinkering with game files (almost everything you want is under the Project_Zomboid/media folder). The Notepad++ feature for searching keywords inside multiple files inside folders is particularly handy. When I get stuck somewhere I can usually find an youtube tutorial that explains how to mod the specific feature I'm stuck on.
  12. Let us access map items (Muldraugh Map, West Point Map, etc...) from the quick map radial menu (the one that pops up when you hold the M key). I like playing with the world map option turned off in the sandbox options (for the sake of realism) and I think being able to quickly read regional maps from your inventory using the radial menu would be a very good improvement.
  13. Honestly I don't understand why you guys are even playing with it turned on, it is more of a meme than a proper gameplay feature. I did rather the devs spent their time in other much more interesting proposals that are in the table than trying to polish this.
  14. It's controlled by "Project Zomboid\media\lua\server\Items\Distributions.lua" I think.
  15. That's exactly what I was doing in the example I mentioned above where I tried to extinguished a fire (that was burning over asphalt a hundred blocks away from the place I forgot to turn off the oven in) with a cooking pan full of water and when my character walked towards the fire she not only didn't manage to extinguish it, but instantly caught fire herself and died before I could even react in any way. I honestly don't think you understand or have experienced how ridiculous fire can be in this game sometimes, there are many other topics where people are saying the same thing and even the devs themselves agree with that and said that it's not as realistic as they would want it to be.
  16. The way it is almost always an irremediable instakill it's a downer though. Read up on self-immolation, in most of those cases the person will douse themselves in gasoline and burn for a couple of minutes until passerbys put out the fire and then they survive for many days until they die of infections (if the burns were extensive enough). In most cases, when people die right away in a fire the real cause of death is smoke inhalation rather than the flames themselves, unless it's some California-style megafire that burns at truly ridiculous temperatures and scales and just incinerates you instantly. A small accidental fire is very much a survivable event in the real world.
  17. The file you are looking for is map_sand.bin
  18. I agree, it would be a good thing for players and zombies to be able to cross these obstacles.
  19. It would be a very cool and useful crafting recipe if we could create our own improvised torches for illumination when exploring and looting after the power runs out. The player could use a knife or an axe in order to shorten the length of a tree branch, then cover one of the tips with a bunch of ripped clothing and tie them in place using one or two strips of leather, then add gasoline or whiskey as fuel. Maybe they could be used as weapons too if equipped in the primary slot instead of the secondary, being able to start fires and burn zombies or structures.
  20. The way the formula that calculates the final condition for a spear with an additional weapon attached to it is causing unintended behavior. Spears with attachments never receive full condition upon crafting even if both weapons used in the crafting are in full condition. The highest amount of durability received is usually about half of the maximum even when both weapons used to craft it are in maximum condition themselves. The culprit are the following lines inside recipecode.lua: The problem is that the base crafted spear has a lower maximum condition than all of the spears with attachments, the same being also true for many of the blades used, yet the formula uses direct additions and subtractions instead of ratios. The ideal solution would be instead to take the proportion of the condition of the spear in relation to it's max condition [conditionMax = items:get(i):getCondition() / items:get(i):getConditionMax()], then do the same for the blade [conditionMax = conditionMax - math.abs( items:get(i):getCondition() / items:get(i):getConditionMax() - 1 )] and use the result to multiply for the maximum condition of the final spear [conditionMax = result:getConditionMax() * conditionMax] in order not to have inconsistencies while converting between different maximum conditions.
  21. I have seem a lot of people saying that they have clocked 600+ hours in the game and still aren't bored with it. The map is really huge and you can spend as much time exploring and playing with it as you are willing to.
  22. That is the base multiplier. Start and peak multiplier will multiply on top of this initial multiplier. The formula for day one is ( Population Setting x Population Multiplier x Population Start Multiplier ) whereas the one for peak day is ( Population Setting x Population Multiplier x Population Peak Multiplier ).
  23. Unless they added something new with 41.73, then I don't remember there being such an option. What the 'peak day' settings does is define how long (in days) it takes until the the day where the peak multiplier takes full effect.
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