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  1. Ahhh so glad I mentioned it in that case! Don't feel too bad, as far as I know, I'm the only one who uses a controller set up for this Well, now I know there's at least one more! <3 Good luck with the fix guys!
  2. Can I ask, do you use a game pad or controller to play the game? I do and I have this exact same issue! I was playing the "You have one day challenge" just so I could use the cheat/item spawner and go nuts testing out the guns and munitions, like the moltovs. I waited for the hordes and standing on one of the rooftops, I hurled one over, only for the game to freeze, go black and crash. I thought it was maybe there were too many zombies when the same thing happened a second time. I ran into a bug a while back involving the playable media not working for me and it turns out, it was an input bug linked to the controller. Maybe... this is another?
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