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  1. Did you try using two rolls of duct tape on it at once? Any time I repair a baseball bat, I must use two rolls. Each takes 1/4 durability per use. Everything seems normal here, captain.
  2. Fire spread = false. Sometimes, more difficulty is like lol why?
  3. Steam version will always require Steam to run before launching. GoG title is standalone. Here is more info, first result on Google for your query: https://steamcommunity.com/app/108600/discussions/0/1696049513779080575/ I own both.
  4. Did you mean to say "wasn't a 'mod' that messed it up"? Do you use any trait mods, like Dynamic Traits, which has been reported broken on these forums numerous times? My best guess is still that a mod has permanently affected the calories variable on your save. If you were able to edit your character stats (perhaps through the use of a different mod), then you might be able to reset the variable to an appropriate value. That isn't going to stop the problem from occurring in the future. Sounds like the problem is not very severe. If anything, being unaffected by calories is a good thing. Cabbage is now suddenly a very viable option, since I am also betting the weight will never change, similar to what you reported (not gaining weight). Almost a non-issue. Can probably keep the save and still enjoy modded gameplay, all things considered.
  5. Not a number means not a number. It doesn't mean negative. It means not a number. A mod has most likely broken your save. You may wish to remove all mods and see what happens when some are put back on, one by one. Or, keep playing with a broken save, since it doesn't sound like it's affecting anything other than your character calories. My guess is your character is no longer affected by hunger. Either that, or the NaN is coming from the display mod and it is unable to interpret the numeral. Either way, NaN is unacceptable and definitely indicates a consistently bugged or glitched save.
  6. Ah so what you're saying is that the "sound" modifiers only affect zombies, not the actual sound of the events themselves. Didn't think that was a big deal until your situation occurred. Those traits seem only effective against zombies. That is a bit unrealistic, especially with a trait labeled "hard at hearing." Really wish there was a thread or main page with KNOWN and CONFIRMED ISSUES posted onto it. Kinda like the ALREADY REQUESTED thread, except y'know, actually useful.
  7. Best of luck to you on your journeys. Collaborative efforts are among the most difficult to establish, yet most rewarding. I would like to join you, but what is your goal? Building is fun, but that is not my goal in this game. I am setting out to use Zomboid as a studio for role-play worlds for the purpose of creating entertainment. If this idea interests you, either PM me or stay tuned on these forums. I will promote when I have more than puny ideas. Yes, sometimes I forget I am playing a Rogue-like game. The sense of loss is high. Without that, the numerals I enjoy accumulating and all the pretty graphics would be worthless. Despite the fact I can make the game as easy or hard as I want it, I still find myself baffled by how easily I can immerse myself into this game. Be careful you don't confuse Zomboid days and time with real-life days and time! What is it that is so attractive and so gripping? Is it the nostalgic graphics and ultra-violence? Somewhat, but when I play with friends, it's not like the only thing I want to do is shoot them and burn their castle. I want to play the post-apocalyptic politicking simulator.
  8. I especially like that the challenges feel genuine, worth-it, useful, and otherwise "logical." Very seldom have I felt screwed-over by this game. We all know what we're getting into here. No expectations, no trickery hidden behind the scenes. What you see is exactly what you get. Yeah the OP is a bit ubiquitous. It's almost like all of the things I said, by themselves, are really awful, yet somehow Zomboid is an overall great game. I wanted to understand why an objectively horrible game yields such fantastic and pleasing results, even after multiple replays. I just use Vanilla, since mods only add extra toys which serve mostly to compliment the core mechanics. Brutal survival, but rigged exactly to my specifications. Usually I tend to lose interest in games once the superficial elements are all explored, but Zomboid has captured something greater than just my attention. This game really grabs my imagination. Perhaps all the parallels to the real world add much to this effect? I see such a basic game, but more than that, I see the tools to create an alternate universe, or at least like a virtual film studio. I currently host a small server with just a couple friends. I plan on expanding, but not much, for now. I have not tried playing this game with strangers, but have to imagine it is as bad as or worse than Rust or EvE Online. I am planning to create some roleplaying videos for YouTube, so maybe stay tuned for casting calls. Are you aching to play with friends? Maybe I will forget my IRL friends and turn my server into something for the internet (or make a second series), but for now I like to have the ability to slap someone who destroys my precious video game pixels.
  9. Why do you even play this game? You log-in, create a character, and before you even spawn in the world, you are told that you are already dead. Single-player mode or multi-player, your world will be populated with brainless fiends who do nothing except wander the Earth on an endless quest to bring forth entropy unto all human life. The game mechanics are specifically designed with sadistic rules which ensure that the world itself is out to kill you as much as the zombies who populate it. Random number generators decide whether or not your journey will be full of peril or profit. Why is this fun? For me, the sandbox quality adds immense value. If I lose, it is due to my own rules. If I get bored, multi-player offers endless opportunities for roleplay and organized events, ripe for content creation, since the game can almost be as entertaining to watch as it is to play. Not only do I enjoy the sandbox aspect, I enjoy the analogy of the game compared to the real world. This game reminds me I should go fishing more often and that surviving off of canned food is not going to make me as happy as a home-cooked meal. Why do you even bother booting this game up? You're just going to die.
  10. Yeah I thought so. Some people get information in one ear, but they're so busy with something else, not listening, that the info slides out the other ear like butter. Make sure you repeat yourself extensively and accept all of their apologies. They just want senpai to notice them.
  11. Some stuff could be outdated, but the PZWiki page provides a decent start. I am still able to get updated map tools using the links. https://pzwiki.net/wiki/Modding
  12. Well, from what I've seen on these forums, the number one recommendation is to play without mods. So many of them are broken, due to the nature of a game which updates constantly. Even many popular mods break the game in odd ways without notice, usually due to updates. Must be hellacious for mod devs, but good training nonetheless.
  13. The way I understand your post, it sounds to me like you wish to tweak the Sandbox Settings within a fresh multiplayer server. I encountered a similar issue. I would spawn in as admin, but the settings would always be default with no in-game options to tweak sandbox settings before spawning. Therefore, areas around the admin character's spawn would not have the values I wanted, such as container loot and zombies, even after changing in-game. Solution: wipe server. Start fresh and edit /Server/pzserver_SandboxVars.lua file before spawning characters. Make sure to restart server after making changes, so that the changes go live. Dedicated servers use the same .lua format as hosted local servers. Make a blank local server in-game ("Host" from main menu) to tweak sandbox settings with the Zomboid GUI. Then, copy the information in your local SandboxVars.lua file and paste them into your server SandboxVars.lua file. Again, you must restart server to make changes go live. I failed testing many times due to this mistake. Best of luck.
  14. Many helicopters are equipped with thermal cameras. The technology was progressed far enough by the 1990's so as to be integrating into the civilian market, so says Wikipedia. Would not be unreasonable to assume a curious and perhaps desperate helicopter pilot would have a thermal camera being used to find survivors. Wonder what happens to make the guy finally go away...
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