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  1. The way I understand your post, it sounds to me like you wish to tweak the Sandbox Settings within a fresh multiplayer server. I encountered a similar issue. I would spawn in as admin, but the settings would always be default with no in-game options to tweak sandbox settings before spawning. Therefore, areas around the admin character's spawn would not have the values I wanted, such as container loot and zombies, even after changing in-game. Solution: wipe server. Start fresh and edit /Server/pzserver_SandboxVars.lua file before spawning characters. Make sure to restart server after making changes, so that the changes go live. Dedicated servers use the same .lua format as hosted local servers. Make a blank local server in-game ("Host" from main menu) to tweak sandbox settings with the Zomboid GUI. Then, copy the information in your local SandboxVars.lua file and paste them into your server SandboxVars.lua file. Again, you must restart server to make changes go live. I failed testing many times due to this mistake. Best of luck.
  2. In Project Zomboid, there's mods, which are all generally free. You'll notice many other "no's" have been added, such as the mini-map. Their [n] prefix has been removed, if so. When the OP was made in 2013, the guns still had completely generic names, such as "Pistol," etc. Does that mean those others without the [n] will be added in the future, such as nudity and aerosol flamethrower...? Who's to say? As for "military aid," there are already military-style items in-game, such as the Military HAM Radio. Who's to say what other military items might be added? The list says no overpowered stuff, but clearly the rules were meant to be broken. Learn javascript and help update the large heap of outdated mods that will inevitably keep breaking. Or donate your dollars to the big modders/groups responsible for your favorite mods. Most of them do all that work for free. No. Drink bleach. Fin. Goodbye, indeed. Odd how many suggestions there are in a thread designed to subvert future suggestions...
  3. I have to agree with you @Bullet_Magnateabout the direction of the updates. I am new to PZ, but agree with your statements about context menus. As a newbie, I jumped right in and neglected to do much research besides watching a few videos by content creators on YouTube. I found that many actions needed to be accomplished in the Crafting Menu, as well as furniture having unique options using the unique furniture options on the top-left toolbar, which I ignored at first. Why not be able to do all of that with right-click context menus? The extra UI elements (animal husbandry) in this next potential update do appear to me a bit superfluous. The fluid system might be justifiable, but I have to echo your concern, Bullet_Magnate. I have to wonder why exactly these systems cannot be added to the context menu system. My guess is that the original code within the original inventory system does not have enough versatility to handle additional variables, such as those required for mixing two different types of fluids into a unique solution. If it makes the dev's job easier, then I understand. Spaghetti code is notoriously easy to break, so perhaps the "add it on top" method is the only hope for new content. Oh well! Glad to have all the free updates.
  4. I can relate. We are human beings! We have ultimate control over our environments! Even in Project Zomboid. If the game is too hard, make it easier? I stopped toiling over what I don't enjoy. This game allows me to play it exactly the way I want it to be. Almost everything is tweakable, even without mods, which enrich the quantity of an already high-quality experience. I love the idea of a game beating a person. So delightful! The limitations were meant to be broken, yet watch as the person flounders! Good game and great devs. Glad to see the direction this game is going. More more more!
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