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  1. The issue has gotten so bad that we have had to give up on our base.
  2. Almost 2 weeks. We started the server and the game on the 9th.
  3. On my Dedicated server and despite the Respawn hours, Respawn Unseen hours and Respawn Multiplier all set to 0 we are having Zombies appearing right next to our base. They seem to appear as soon as a player travels out if view of the area. It appears to only affect the south of our base which is located at 11639x8295. The other thing about this is the fact that the zombies are duplicates of the same 5 Zombies. The most annoying one is the one wearing the big hiking backpack which has provided us with an infinite amount of backpacks. I want to note that I took that picture after killing 6 more of the same zombie. There are also duplicates of the one wearing the turquoise tank top, the one wearing the grey shirt and green shoes, who all spawn with a letter opener stuck in their shoulder. There are sometimes a bit of variation of their hairstyle and gender. You can see the Zombie with the bright green pants and green leather jacket having a different hairstyle than the dead zombie that is wearing the same thing. They seem to continuously spawn and the longer time goes by the more of them spawn. We often go to sleep in game and wake up with a horde of 30 knocking on the door. I first noticed this glitch happening around day 26, but it might have started earlier, without us noticing. I have not been able to replicate it, but I have been able to find other people mentioning having the same issue.
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