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  1. Its nice to discover new and rediscover old songs. BUT a lot of old videos are down , and GEMA doesnt allow a lot of tracks in germany. So, please put the name of the track in your post, so one can search it. After the business kommt das pleasure, and i got a real treat for you.... Gitta Alpar - Nur Parfum und etwas Zärtlichkeit
  2. Buckets full of blood shoot out of zeds, when you hit them, so they pump blood hard. The game is realistic and detailed, but zombies are like magic, they do what you want them to. I wouldnt want them to freeze up. I like your idea, but i think that would be too boring, even with npcs.
  3. I always think of beeing in a bunker with a really big machine making these sounds...
  4. I like realism. An axe to the face, is an axe to the face, on the other hand an axehead may get stuck in a head, than you are screwed. I could not decide what to do, so ill let the devs decide, and if i dont like it i change some values.
  5. I cant code, but its really easy to change values in the files. Search for the file "ISWoodenWall.lua". There you can change the health yourself. You will find these lines: -- the wooden wall have 200 base health + 100 per carpentry lvl ---(this is for plank wall) and -- return the health of the new wall, it's 200 + 100 per carpentry lvl function ISWoodenWall:getHealth() if self.sprite == "carpentry_02_80" then -- log walls are stronger return 400 + buildUtil.getWoodHealth(self); ---(i would play around with these values) else return 200 + buildUtil.getWoodHealth(self); end So make a backup of the file, change the values, build a logwall, and take it down with an axe, while counting the hits it take. Compare the hitcount to the unmodified file. I could be wrong so a backup is advisable.
  6. Here is an interesting video on metalworking from ore to tool. (smelting iron in africa) Its very basicly ore to ingot to tool ... with some steps in between and time.
  7. I never had a problem seeing fishnets, although i never looked at them at night.
  8. I just started up the game and realised that it says calories instead of kilocalories. Since you overhaul the nutritionsystem, can you change that please? (This is my last post about that. Promise)
  9. You surely mean 5000000 calories, or 5000 kilocalories. Thats a big difference. And it drives me crazy, people dont care
  10. I gain weight from eating fruit. Count the kiloCalories you consume. Imo its pretty accurate. It seems the system does not take your workload into account. It looks like a day of running, or chilling makes no difference. I always play 3hrs day length, working, running, chopping all day long. For the amount of work, i should need more kiloCalories, to maintain weight. Look up how much a hard working guy has to consume, just to brake even.
  11. Does this mean more tweaking the stats, or something else? Maybe diabetes from all the soda and cupcakes? Than you could saw your foot off, when it has gone bad. I know ppl. starved when nut.-system was introduced, and thought that was dealt with. My characters only survive for about two weeks, so i couldnt tell any flaws.
  12. Hey, sounds awesome, but i almost didnt look at your mod, because of the humble description: "This mod adds some more medicaments, more diversity and more functional." Maybe: "This mod adds a lot of medicaments and medicinal items." Write however, that this mod adds a great amount of stuff. Does all the stuff come with sprites? "Epinephrine - reduce your endurance, stimulant" ---Really? I thought epinephrine is synthetic adrenaline, so it enhances(boosts) your endurance. P.S.: I read all this with russian accent. Great fun comrade
  13. The 2D player-model is very pixelated in comparison to the rest. 3D model is just fine. Looks really nice. Just better imo. And i cant see how the artstyle changed.
  14. Watercontent of "Melanoplus mexicanus" is 68%. I dont know if thats a cricket or grasshopper, thats why i used the binominal name. This one obviously is a mexican fella. I dont know if they differ much to other "Melanoplus". I wouldnt care, if they do. The watercontent of animals, and plants can differ a lot. Again dont care, but its interesting. A snail "Macularia vermiculata" weighing 4,806g absorbed 2,708g water (56.4%), after 11 months without water. So i would take one watercontentnumber for all hardshell-insects, and one for worms, snails, etc.. But if you want to have other values, id gladly help out. Down below is the source, which is in german. http://www.zobodat.at/pdf/SBAWW_164_0049-0064.pdf Sorry for this post, its too late and obsolete.
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