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  1. Hey guys! We opened a new server improved and hosted in USA, I hope you like it ! Info below! https://discord.gg/UukW9S3pcQ -Created 3/8 -PVP -Noob Friendly -Balanced Settings! +80 new mechanics -Raids only when players online -Random zeds speed, chance of runners -Random zeds strengh -Shop system
  2. Hey guys, Sorry for asking something mod related, I know isn't your problem to fix, but I hope maybe you can help me because I seem to be the only one with this problem. The sandbox options for mods keeps resetting everytime I restart my server. Only fix I found is setting the "servertest_SandboxVars.lua" file to read only but this obviously brings the problem that I can change anything in game and I think some errors. Do you know what else could I try? Thanks !
  3. Hey guys! Im having some trouble with hosting my server. So my server crashed last night and I find myself in the need of wiping and creating a new one, but when I try to set it up, I run the command: app_update 380870 validate In the steam CMD, but it created an unstable 73 version of the server instead of the actual 71 !! Does anyone know which command do I need to run ?? Sorry for my english.
  4. Does anyone knows if there is a command for removing corpses ?
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