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  1. After my first attempt quickly coming to an end at 20 hours, I managed to survive for 7 days on the second attempt. It's always that crappy perception that gets me! I really like the extra challenge of the increased need for food and water. It seems to feel more realistic. Thanks for the challenge, I'll definitely be having more fun with it!
  2. Looking sharp! I'm imagining myself barricading all those windows on the ground floor.
  3. I really like the idea of raincoats, but then what are we to do with the Park Ranger?
  4. Death by gangrene from cutting yourself with a dirty razor while shaving your legs. Too bad you couldn't find any shaving cream.
  5. If i'm not mistaken you can't destroy window frames or door frames You may very well be right. I need to try this out. It was more of an assumption, as I have only taken down walls up to this point.
  6. Must be a ruff world out there for a doggie in the apocalypse.
  7. Just make sure that the ingredients are in your main inventory, then right click one of them to create plaster. I was unaware that level 5 carpentry was needed to plaster. As far as I can remember, I've done it with a lower level of carpentry.
  8. Barricade those bad boys. No way of repairing the glass. Although, if you had a sledgehammer you could just knock down that particular wall and replace it.
  9. The crawlers have caused me many bouts of panic, but I think they are needed to maintain the balance.
  10. I'm really excited for this one. Great work, and much appreciation to you, kind Sir!
  11. Ripping off all my clothes for bandages, only to die naked on the street. Eating rotten dog food is also up there on my list.
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