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  1. Nice update! Looking forward for new content. Keep up the good work
  2. I think Brannty makes a good point. Zombies that don't respawn would be ok for single player, I guess. But once multiplayer is implemented, I think respawning zeds would become a necessity in order to keep things tense and interesting (a clear city would be kind of boring). What Realmkeeper teaches us is interesting (although I don't understand everything). But from what I do understand, zombies are not "loaded" if you aren't in the area they are in.They only are stats (correct me if I'm wrong). What could be done would be to make the edge of the map having a zeds density always slightly increasing. And make zombies slowly migrate towards the city ( transfering a percentage of the zomby density from an area to an other, closer to the city). I hope my proposition is clear. I had a hard time trying to explain myself in english
  3. This actually helped me survive 2 month in my third run of PZ. Thanks mate!
  4. I have no idea if it's been reported yet, but I found another missing wall here: Again, it occurs on the second floor: the window up the stairs, you can go through, this leads to the street and the game crashes when you do that.
  5. I repost this bug in the right place. I made a new thread instead of posting it here. Sorry for the misunderstanding. I'm new in here Hi there, I'm a brand new survivor, and I must say I do love your game I recently had a wierd bug: I play on the "build 19" of the game (The most recent, I agreed to test the demo version)->repairing weapons available, etc The bug occurs in this house (the one with the black arrow on it): http://image.noelsha...-map-bug-pz.png It is on the 2nd floor of the house, you can go through the end of the corridor (near the window), and when you go through, you are in the street and can go on. this occurs here: http://image.noelsha...0709-pz-bug.png , where the red arrow leads. So if you go out from the 2nd floor to the street, the game is "ok", but if you are in the street and go through this missing wall, trying to come in the house, the game crashes. (have to ctrl+alt+del, etc) I hope this bug report will help, since I'm looking forward for the next content. Thanks for this awesome game. If there are english mistakes, it's because I'm french. I hope it's still understandable
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