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  1. Hey, I just saw your post, I had the exact same thing. after having killed more than 3000 zombies in a cell, the black bloodstains which remained on the ground made the fps cut very strongly when approaching this cell. The only solution I found was to lower the blood decals to 20% in the options. Game options -> Display -> Rendering and Performance -> Blood Decals = 20%
  2. I refined, cooked or raw it's the same, no need to cool it. The distance resets the weigt of the rabbit to 1.Okg. Just leave beyond 2km and come back. Thanks for confirming Yana M.D. I edited the Topic
  3. go far far away, 2km or more like 10km. I was having fun with a car when I did my test in debug mode. I just did it, with debug mode newsave no mods. Thank you for your first answer, but as much to be more precise, I saw your images. Did you read my edit?
  4. Thank you very much Yana M.D. for your feedback, it allows me to slightly refine my feedback to better reproduce the bug. It is necessary for that to leave far from the "cell" (maybe two) for, I imagine that the calculation is redone to display the error on the weight. Newsave and noMod*
  5. Hello, I noticed that currently the dead rabbits that I was able to take thanks to trapping, once you leave beyond 2km and come back, the rabbit took a total weight of 1.0. Even those with a weight less than 1kg grew to take the weight of 1.0Kg. It is necessary to go far to see the change in weight. (thx Yana M.D.) • 41.71 • Singleplayer (NewSave-NoMod) • Reproduction steps: 1. Take or Catch rabbits with trapping 2. Put them anywhere and go far away from one or two "cell" maybe more than 2000m (1tile=10meters ?!) for them (both raw and cooked) to see the weight change to 1.0kg.
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