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  1. geez, that was FAST thanks man
  2. by chance, is the silver propane grill in that list? i ask because i have a strong urge to line the roof of the mall with 50 grills. yeah, its weird...but so am i
  3. syfy


    the Devs found out the hard way, that even teasing a tiny piece of info about the NPC development leads to people getting demanding, rude and downright unlovely. so they just chose to spare themselves from getting attacked that way, and adopted a policy of not saying anything at all about the work.
  4. was not even responding to any post you made. try hard not too. best if you don't just assume people are replying to you all the time. in this case, try reading the post prior to mine, THEN you will find it makes more sense.
  5. zombies would not be able to catch a wild animal. can't trap one, can't outrun one, can't out think one...so animals should be quite safe from zombie attack. and i have a very hard time imagining any animal would get close to a rotting corpse that walks, the smell alone should repel them. not to mention their "interesting" behavior. (the zombies) as for zombified animals, that is a confirmed NO per [n] Zombie Beasts or Infected Animals
  6. interesting thought, but they don't want any Special Zombies in the game. i guess they don't fit in with the lore the game follows. now if someone did these as a Mod............
  7. um...will the option of seeing who is online be returning? D'OH!! its at the top of the page now, using the blue and white theme anyway. looks great, though like others said it will take a little getting used to. (why do i feel like starting a new "Change User Title" thread for the new layout?)
  8. Damn good choice, he's done a lot for this community. Congrats, blindcoder
  9. with sex as a confirmed NO...how would anyone get a STD?
  10. Make them weaker? you're aiming to be realistic right? whoa there.....i know plenty of woman who are easily as strong, or stronger, than many of the males i know. best too not make assumptions like that.
  11. syfy

    Literature mod

    you can't just grab any old mod and expect it to work properly, many mods have not been worked on for quite a while and are likely to have issues with the newest builds. take time to read the thread and see when the most recent update was performed by the mod maker or someone who updated it.
  12. checking to be sure the mod is even being worked on, by doing something like noticing the last date this thread was posted in, can help quite a bit. many mods have not been worked on in a while, some mod makers simply don't come around much lately.
  13. you become the new version of Rip Van Winkle, as you sleep, and sleep, and sleep, and sleep. when you awake, you find we are testing PZ 666:Hells Zombies Return, Yet Again. (and you are still listed as a Forum Admin) i wish i had a more interesting avatar EDIT: found a better one...
  14. yeah, i can honestly vouch for the Nuclear Reactor scorching food. and don't ask me how i know this, either
  15. in west point, i move downtown in the apartments above the dentist office, the bar, and the motel http://pzmap.crash-override.net/#0.6541707623361458,0.16565298217455177,114.47545997288273 build a few bridges linking the buildings, sledgehamer a few staircases....garden on top of the police station. works out well. and walking across the bridges with zombies nearby will boost your sneaking ability real fast. in muldraugh i usually set up 2 bases, one at the tavern and one at the north farm in bedford, i love this group of houses. http://pzmap.crash-override.net/#0.5531055270080634,0.3384491817594521,114.47545997288286 nice location, fencing is easily completed, and having 3 bbq already there is a nice bonus. of course, one simply must have a lake house in order to survive in Style and that base has 2 lakes nearby
  16. syfy


    one other thing not mentioned above, The Indie Stone will NOT give an ETA on them. they know better than to give false hope like that. even mentioning them at all gets everyone worked up, with some people choosing to actually try to bash them for taking the time to get them done right. they will be ready when they are ready.
  17. oh boy..... these threads can get interesting. IF it ever happens that a suppressor comes into the game, it is most likely to be introduced by a mod someone created. sometimes it is best to do a quick forum search before starting a new thread, this topic comes up over and over, often winding up getting locked. http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/16722-guns-suppressors/?hl=+suppressors http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/15504-silencer-andor-makeshift-silencer/?hl=%2Bsuppressors#entry192340 http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/13720-1-time-use-potato-silencer-as-seen-in-buddy-buddy/?hl=%2Bsuppressors#entry171858 http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/12458-homemade-silencers/?hl=%2Bsuppressors#entry157465 http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/12458-homemade-silencers/?hl=%2Bsuppressors#entry157465
  18. Where the hell is watson when you need him? arguing with Sherlock apparently
  19. Possible, Maybe we can ride them aswell. maybe, per Sly's sig, its Dragons in Taller Trees
  20. pictures demanded or else it never happened, whether or not B33 comes out.
  21. nah, nice try but you forgot the N in FalliNg
  22. interesting idea, but you need to remember that the body of water bordering West Point is the Ohio River, not too much saltwater in the Kentucky area
  23. try again, Head has an A in it, as does Brain
  24. says quite a bit about you, don't it? that's too bad, hate to see people try to take the easy way out so damn often.
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