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  1. Oh, my bad, never occurred to me you could try to pick them up
  2. To pile on, there are more stacks on these coords: 10800x9000x0 There are probably more on the map, but I haven't really checked where.
  3. Hey, wanted to report stacks of hay that you can't remove with sledgehammer. Position on map: 10790x9080x0, inside and outside of the barn. While you can build build wooden floor over floor with hay which allows you to build stuff there, stacks of hays can't be destroyed with sledgehammer so they are pretty much permanent on the map.
  4. Thanks for explanation, I'll pass it on
  5. Hey, I'd like to suggest option to disable anti-cheat completely for locally hosted servers (maybe dedicated too, idk, haven't hosted those). Yes, I know there are options do disable specific anti-cheat types, but somehow anti-cheat still works even when you have every type on "false". What I mean by "still works" is there are mods that spawn in items, and game thinks they are cheated in so when you pick them up they are deleted. Specifically I'm referring to Scavenger Skill mod. There are plenty of people who play with the friends they know and they don't need any kind of anti-cheat protection, and having that option would give mods a little bit of extra breathing room.
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