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  1. FIXED On my case I found this video (thanks to a one user from the discord of PZ Indie Stone) For those who have or will have the same problem, watch the video and if what you want is something much more summary of the part that I was missing, it is the following:
  2. FIXED -> SOLUTION ON COMMENTS First of all, sorry my bad english. I will try to make it as understandable as possible... Hello everyone, I have a somewhat strange "problem" for me, which I have been trying to solve for several hours. This problem happens as follows: Just I still doing everything necessary to generate the map I made in PhotoShop and still trying to pass it from BMP to TMX. Finally doing the whole process correctly... the problem starting when I proceed to double click on the cell and it opens the preview full of "???" red question marks, as if the tiles were missing. This is also when something strange happens to me that I still don't understand, when I use TilesZed to open the recently generated TMX file, it opens it correctly and all the tiles load without problem (vegetation, etc)... Any possible solution? [ATTACHED PHOTOS]
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