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  1. I have some cool ideas I would like to share with the Project Zomboid community, Firstly, Insanity, maybe if your alone for about (Idk how long) a month? and other things adding to that, you'll start going insane and end up seeing zombies (As illusions) and if they bite you, your character female/male will panic thinking their infected, but eventually realise there not (If the Devs or a Modder want this twist it how YOU want ) Secondly, Hearing, because lets be honest, all the gunshots (If ya'll is crazy!) will make you deaf to a certain extent, so add hearing aids OR sound proof ear m
  2. XD could you like post your setup lol Also its a big mother trucker
  3. XD could you like post your setup lol Not really good at telling my set-up but i'll just tell you what I can see... The computer is an Advent with a AMD Phantom X4 64 (Graphics card I think) Thats all I know, sorry if it wasn't much help
  4. It runs really smooth for me, never had any lag or slow-down, mabye because my computer is badass lol xD
  5. Currently Surviving - 3 Months - 3 Weeks - 16 Hours

  6. I for one would Personally love to see this, as i'm a sucker for realism.
  7. Love this mod, just one problem though, the are 3 bags that I can't find for the life of me! and those bags consist of the Bindle, Designer Bag and Medical Bag
  8. I must say, the poolcue is fascinating
  9. Have you got any ammo or anything inside houses? Maybe it's because the spawns are a bit low.. Edit: Nevermind, it was a problem on my behalf. Adding new download link. Hehe, cheers mate
  10. I Need help installing, I did what I was suppose to do and i'm not finding any spawns. Also I should mention I checked to Police Station, there was no guns or ammo.
  11. Currently Surviving - 1 Month 12 Dayz 11 Hours

    1.  PK'EZ-54


      Hah. You call that surviving? I'd beat that, in ten seconds flat.

    2. Zomholics


      Whats the longest you've survived?

  12. I must say this is a very good idea, well done!
  13. Thanks guys/girls, you've all been a big help, love you all <3 xx xD
  14. Just gonna quote so you get a notification to see i've replied
  15. Oops forgot to ask, if theirs any good mods you would suggest please link them
  16. Thanks, that was a big help, and i'm not on a MAC because their stupid lol Extra: The mods im going to install is Fletchery Mod Not Enough Bags We Need More Guns! and Project Zommoid i think their the best mods for the game
  17. I have a few questions about how to install mods, and also other questions about mods. First off how do I install a mod? I looked at mod help and support on the forums and couldn't find anything, I also looked on YouTube and there was nothing there either. Secondly can I have more then one mod, e.g. can I install 10 mods and they all work, but will I have compatibility issues if I have more than one? E.g. it will become laggy and frequently crash) Because that's what I plan on doing, just a clusterf*uck of mods. xD Any and all help would me much appreciated Zomholics.
  18. I think its a marvellous idea and brings a bit more realism to the game, I for one would love to see this implemented into the game. Zomholics
  19. Thanks for you're help guys/girls much appreciated
  20. I Only heard about the existence of berry bushes yesterday, and found them today. There is so many berry bushes around the map, and I find them a little OP, now if they re-grow then there extremely OP, but im not sure if they rot either, if someone can answer me these it would be much appropriated.
  21. Zomholics

    Project Zommoid

    I'd say screw all you're other mods and work on this one 24/7 instead. Can't wait!
  22. SCHOOL: 2+2=4 HOMEWORK: 2+4+2=8 EXAM: juan has 4 apples, his train is 7 minutes early, calculate the suns mass. Trust me they'll be lucky there in a zombie filled world
  23. Survived 1Month 7Dayz 2Hours

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