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  1. I have some cool ideas I would like to share with the Project Zomboid community, Firstly, Insanity, maybe if your alone for about (Idk how long) a month? and other things adding to that, you'll start going insane and end up seeing zombies (As illusions) and if they bite you, your character female/male will panic thinking their infected, but eventually realise there not (If the Devs or a Modder want this twist it how YOU want ) Secondly, Hearing, because lets be honest, all the gunshots (If ya'll is crazy!) will make you deaf to a certain extent, so add hearing aids OR sound proof ear m
  2. XD could you like post your setup lol Also its a big mother trucker
  3. XD could you like post your setup lol Not really good at telling my set-up but i'll just tell you what I can see... The computer is an Advent with a AMD Phantom X4 64 (Graphics card I think) Thats all I know, sorry if it wasn't much help
  4. It runs really smooth for me, never had any lag or slow-down, mabye because my computer is badass lol xD
  5. Currently Surviving - 3 Months - 3 Weeks - 16 Hours

  6. I for one would Personally love to see this, as i'm a sucker for realism.
  7. Love this mod, just one problem though, the are 3 bags that I can't find for the life of me! and those bags consist of the Bindle, Designer Bag and Medical Bag
  8. I must say, the poolcue is fascinating
  9. Have you got any ammo or anything inside houses? Maybe it's because the spawns are a bit low.. Edit: Nevermind, it was a problem on my behalf. Adding new download link. Hehe, cheers mate
  10. I Need help installing, I did what I was suppose to do and i'm not finding any spawns. Also I should mention I checked to Police Station, there was no guns or ammo.
  11. Currently Surviving - 1 Month 12 Dayz 11 Hours

    1.  PK'EZ-54


      Hah. You call that surviving? I'd beat that, in ten seconds flat.

    2. Zomholics


      Whats the longest you've survived?

  12. I must say this is a very good idea, well done!
  13. Thanks guys/girls, you've all been a big help, love you all <3 xx xD
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